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How to overcome suffering happily- A to Z series 2019

We know that every human being is trying to overcome suffering.

Today we have everything . We know that every human being is trying to overcome suffering. He works more than 12 hours to avoid suffering. He is trying to collect knowledge from every source to overcome suffering. Everyone wants to have happy , peaceful, cheerful & pleasant life. Some people are really living good & happy life. Only difference is that some people are telling it orally that I was suffered, some are keeping it secret. And showing to the other people that I am so much happy . Still front person can understand that how he is? What is running in his family only with vibration. Some talent people can observe it only by looking front person’s face.

But do you know, this suffering also giving some people happiness. We know that any person who suffered a lot we are taking his interviews, we are calling him in the channel show. Then while he is telling his story & some audience are listening it. Audience gets inspiration from it. The person who is telling that story feels very positive & great. Now tell me is suffering is good or bad? If with suffering millions of people are getting inspired then why we can’t accept suffering is a my part of life? A lot of time suffering gives happiness.

We know while climbing on the mountain so many has to suffered a lot, but, still they didn’t feel that, this is suffering. Why did I have given invitation to the suffering? As they have to reach their goal .

In my village we have a river. But, in the summer there was no water then to bring water we have to take a big pot & enter in to the small stone pit. There was a small stream of clean water, we have to fill that water with the help of small bowl & then in the big pot . With the full of pot we have to bring water from 1 km. Still we are always happy .Didn’t fill any unhappiness or sadness. Enjoying this event with all friends by chitchatting or gossiping etc. Playing some small games, sometimes singing a songs etc. But all are always happy. Now we have everything there is no need to suffer for a while still where we have lost our original happiness? Suppose we have suffering but where to share now is the big question due to false prestige. And losing moment of happiness. As just now we have seen that telling suffering to the others means getting happiness to the person who is telling. And inspiration to the front person who is listening. Some people has the habit to bring suffering purposely .But, these types of people never gives happiness to the others, every time they are in danger zone. Always attracts to the other people in the danger zone. So be careful from such type of people.

We know that suffering is everywhere and to every person. There is a say that God also not living his life without suffering then we are the people. Only we have to learn from GOD that how God has handled suffering as like flying in the air. They never say that this is my suffering. It is my part of life; I have to learn how to be happy in this journey. The person who is living his life as like flying in the air in the suffering that person is known as God.

Today we know that people are constructing a huge building. Collecting a lot of money, travelling all over the world, collecting a lot of wealth still they are suffering in any way.

A lot of time suffering was decided due to our karma it may be past karma or present karma. We know that there are a lot of good people around us but they have to suffer more. I think that the person, who has to work for country, scarifies his life for the others has to suffer more. We know that Mahatama Gandhi, Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar, Veer Savrkar, Bal GANGADHAR Tilak, some scientist, army people. Soldiers, etc have suffered more. But, like these people makes a big history in the world so that no one could forget their history or their work from generation to generation. They can take their name with respect. Otherwise we know that RAVAN, KANS also have made history but we never built their temples. Not worshipping them. They also suffered for their victory but if we will recite their names as like Rama we never get any result. But by reciting Rama we get a lot of positive result for our life.

Let us see what to do to avoid suffering?

1] Suffering accepts as a part of life but, work on it to overcome it. Otherwise it will live with you for long life.

2] Avoid going in detail for any work or any gossiping, any relationship, etc.

3] Avoid talking unnecessary any where it will effect on our life.

4] Work with positive attitude. Never think that this is burden work for me. If we will think it is burden it definitely brings any time suffering.

5] Never try to avoid responsibility, if we avoid one responsibility we have to face another responsibility in any form.

6] Try to avoid comparison, jealousy, ego, anger, greed, etc it definitely brings unhappiness in our life.

7] Learn to forgive front person. Forgiveness is good for us not for another person.

9] Always try to give respect, love, peace, happiness to the other people in case, if there are challenging people in front of us then be ready to accept challenge for them. Otherwise we will lose our values.

10] Avoid drink, porn, watching smuggling films, reading & watching negative news. It can create a lot of fear in our mind and fear brings a lot of suffering in our life.

11] Always keep connection with God, recite Mantra’s, do prayers everyday with clean body & mind.

12] Think that my life’s owner is my GOD, He is doing what he want right for me so keep faith on him and accept the things what is happening as it is. Then work on it and try to overcome or change it.

13] Keep in mind that, suffering brings a lot of change in our life or in the nature. We know that after hot summer there is a rainy season. So keep patience with you.

14] Sometimes negative attitude brings a lot of change in our life so be ready to keep negative attitude if situation is challenging for our future.

15] Do work or actions at proper time. Proper time brings proper energy to avoid suffering 

About me in short. I am pranita deshpande . I am an author, writer, blogger, food blogger. I have published 100 posts on my site , I have 10000 recommendation in UCMEDIA.COM .I can write excellent blog posts on any subject . All contents are original 100% devoted for article .Research writing, blog post writing on spiritual healing, psychology, life skills & on so many subjects .  


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