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What makes Ramoji Group ETV Bharat a Stand Out News Portal


This article content is about ETV Bharat news portal. It gives information about Ramoji Group ETV Bharat.

In the world of the news portal, online news platforms are getting really popular due to many reasons. And one of the leading and reputed online news platforms is the ETV Bharat that has a reach of 24 states and services in 13 distinct languages.


With the advancement of technology, the media industry developed a lot. And with this progress, all the major news networks are launching their own online news portal. Keeping in mind the necessity of spreading the news online in a variety of languages, the ETV channel network has brought ETV Bharat News portal. As more and more people are inclining towards online information and the majority of the population is smartphone users, it is only logical to spread the latest news through a defined and organized web portal.

ETV Bharat is founded by the Ramoji Group and is one of the largest networks in India that gives newest and hottest news without repeating any. And the best part is even you will find local news as this portal delivers news from all the local districts thereby leaving no news untouched. 

Under the Ramoji Group, the ETV Bharat news portal has separate categories to deliver news in the regional languages such as:

 ETV Marathi

 ETV Mumbai

 ETV Karnataka

 ETV Telugu

 ETV Tamil Nadu and more.

The true essence of any news channel is to have strong and experienced journalists and ETV Bharat has no short of a dedicated team of journalists and news reporters. Proficient journalists with good exposure in the field of mass communication and knowledge in local languages are there to constantly assisting the news portal with fresh and relevant news. One can easily get news from the ETV Newstime anytime. And the web portal also has such features to get live national as well as international news. 

Now let’s talk about how ETV Bharat has become so popular. The story behind this is not just the team but also the infrastructure. The HeadQuarter of ETV Bharat is comprised of a 6 storey building that has 24 studios across the fur floors and in the other 2 floors it has separate office areas. The building is tourist-friendly and one can visit this place to see how wonderfully media serve the society. Here each studio is well equipped with control units, several technologies for live feeds and much more.


The technical team has been in constant support of the whole operation throughout the day to deliver uninterrupted news broadcasting. Viewers get news from 725 districts across all the states in India and the news content is found in 13 different languages. The mobile journalists are trained to provide the news easily with the help of the mobile news portal apps.


The most helpful part is that one can change their preferred language and location and get news in that chosen language about that particular geographical location. Starting from the Elections news 2019 to entertainment, crime, general topics, sports and whatnot, you will get a huge array of current news daily. 

For more updates and news, stay tuned with ETV Bharat and learn everything live directly from the source. Since unbiased news broadcasting is the main focus of this news portal, one can expect all the trending information along. Readers can also stay informed about all the major news through the 5 mins news bulletin.

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It covers a wide range of news and brings all the latest updates in different fields like sports, politics, Bollywood etc. Therefore, you do not have to visit multiple websites to check different types of news.

If you are a cricket fan, there is a special news section for you that covers the important updates of all the international and domestic cricket matches to keep you in touch with your favourite sport. Checking the news in Hindi is even possible for other sports in the sports section of the app.

There is a special category for local news in the app. This feature allows you to select your concerned state or city and check out the events that have occurred in that area. This feature is beneficial when you do not want to waste time reading irrelevant news and only read what is important to them.

The experience of reading news gets better because there are bright colours used in different fonts. Also, relevant images, GIFs and videos are available for various news to make it better for readers. This feature is beneficial for those who are preparing for competitive exams as picture memory will help them in remembering things in a better manner and checking the app will be better than just reading newspapers.

There is even an option of downloading epapers. Therefore, if you find too many important information in the newspaper on any day, you can easily store that on your phone and refer to the news whenever you want. It also allows you to read while travelling without the need of internet.

Trending news section is a good feature on the app which ensures that you do not miss any important event that is happening around the world. The app intelligently identifies the news that world or India is talking about and shares on your screen to keep you updated with it.

If you are too lazy to type something, you can search for important news with the help of voice search option.

You can even plug in your earphones and listen to Audio News Bulletin three times in a day. 

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