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What is the role of MLM consultancy for business growth in direct sales?

The umbrella of multi-level marketing comprises of various plans like direct sales and network marketing, but, it has to be understood precisely before proceeding with it.

Multi-level marketing or referral marketing has a huge scope in India considering the zeal people put in their work. However, staying updated with the guidelines of MLM is very important. These guidelines can be related to the financial or legal aspects of direct selling business. There’s nothing to be worried about as MLM consultancy is the best source to be relied on for updated information related to this industry. Moreover, the professional and skilled MLM consultants of this consultancy offer precise consultation to the clients depending on their concerns.


Basically, corporate guidance has to be supported by facts and this is why multi-level consultants are equipped with realistic information for the business owners and entrepreneurs. The umbrella of multi-level marketing comprises of various plans like direct sales and network marketing, but, it has to be understood precisely before proceeding with it. Therefore, the vast experience and expertise of MLM consultants enable them to empower entrepreneurs and business owners by highlighting the current phase of the industry.

In India, MLM is legal and people who have apprehensions about this fact are offered guidance by the experts of multilevel marketing. In fact, when it comes to investing in the services of a particular company, MLM consultants in India make sure that every relevant factor is presented before the client. The client can refer to the detailed document and understand the market value of the services of that company. Here are some of the important responsibilities taken care of by multilevel marketing consultancy:

Finance and compensation plan: There are many top players in the direct selling industries, but, prior to investing in their services, financial aspects and compensation plan followed by it needs to be understood. Distributors who want to avail the maximum benefit of the monetary plans are also guided by MLM consultancy. The major point to be focused on is that economical ways of becoming distributors are imparted by the direct selling consultants.

The legality of the system is assessed in front of clients: Even if the MLM industry is easy to expand, there are certain legal guidelines to be known about. Mostly, the practices should be in compliance with legality as specified after amendments. The MLM consultants in India address all the major facets pertaining to the legal structure of network marketing. Even though there may be a less regulated system in this industry, but, the investors should always be aware of the same. Thus, this integral role of guiding and giving clients practical advice is followed on a regular basis by the multilevel marketing consultants.


Familiarity with competition and plan ahead: Until and unless the investor is aware of the competition in the direct selling industry, he cannot strengthen his strategies. It is practical that if the company gets acquainted with the types of plans adopted by other companies, it becomes easier for it to think of better and sure-shot Plan of Action. In the entire process of knowing the competitive strategies of other companies, the client can amend his strategies. The MLM consultants are always prepared with ideas that have proved to be beneficial for their clients in the past.

Apart from this, the type of services and investment plans are also discussed by the professionals of MLM consultancy with the clients. People or companies which have to even brush up their basics to expand their vision, in the long run, must understand the mechanism of multilevel marketing system. Last, but not the least, the consequences of a breach of legal guidelines should also be understood by the entities seeking advice from the consultants. 

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There are many professional courses in this period, and one of the most talked and mostly opted courses in management studies. This course had originated in the early 20th century after the effects of industrialization. Came into light soon after companies and the industries tried to set up their management in a scientific manner. It helps an individual to learn and practice the ways to manage, lead, command, in a variety of business sectors and internal business portfolios.

A postgraduate programme in enterprise management also known as PGPEM is done with a specialization in a particular field. There are various specializations like Human Resources, Finance, Marketing, Information Technology, etc. This has to be chosen while keeping in mind where and in which field one has the ambition to work in the future. There is no bar of streams chosen in graduation for in case of joining a management study, anyone with a recognized degree can appear for an entrance exam and move forward with a PGPEM.

One has to qualify the entrance exam conducted by various universities for taking admission in PGPEM. There are various exams that are conducted on the National level for admissions in National Universities (IIMs) and various B-Schools. There are competitive exams namely CAT, MAT, CMAT, etc. for IIMs and GMAT which is internationally accepted. Your rank in the exam also plays an important role in choosing the right PGPEM school and specialization.

Specialization is the most important factor while choosing a college for management studies. This factor should always be kept in mind. The college you are willing to join should offer the specialization you are willing to opt for. Like, if a person who is more inclined towards marketing should go into it without any doubt, but it also requires some skills and polish from the professors and trainers. The specialization itself is the main part and the foundation of one’s career. As being given earlier, there are mainly four specializations and there may be more industry-specific specializations in many Institutes and B-Schools like Pharma, Entrepreneurship, Fashion, Digital Marketing, etc. which are more into light these days.

The campus is another important thing that must be taken into consideration while choosing colleges in Andheri or in any other city like Mumbai. Every other college now claims to provide you the best infrastructure and lecture rooms. But one should ensure how good the college is actually is because the campus plays an important role in your psychological and personal development. The campus must have good and comfortable rooms for lectures, soothing sound systems, well-configured computer systems, good internet facility. For people who are planning to go to some other place for studies should also enquire about hostel, food, stores and other basic needs. There should also be good exposure, regular conduct of events, seminars and industry visits, etc.

Student-to-Teacher ratio is one of the basic things which has to be kept in mind while choosing an institution from schooling to post-graduation. Because the concentration of the teacher matters. We always walk on the path which our teachers show us. The role of a teacher/professor doesn’t change even in the higher studies though many may be thinking so. If there is no concentration and attention from the teacher then the student fails to concentrate and cope-up with the subject. If there are few students and a teacher for them then it is easy to interact and know more.

Nothing in this world comes for free and nor is education. Before choosing a college and finalizing it for studies, one should enquire about Fee and allied expenses. Most of the B-Schools charge fees which more than 5-6 Lakhs, which may be unaffordable for some people. And some people may go for education loan and they should plan everything with accord to the fees charged by the institution in which they are planning to study. One should understand the fee structure and loan conditions (if applicable) before proceeding further. The return on investment should also be pondered upon. The fees paid are, in other words, an investment which should be recovered in the near future. The inquiry of the job placements must be done because most of the students of B-schools are ending unemployable or ending up earning 10k-12k per month which is not fair enough.

The clarity in Degree or Diploma certification must be there. There are not many institutions offering PGDEM programs.

The ideal institute should be like the Fazlani academy of business sciences. approved by AICTE & Ministry of HRD (GOI).

It has a good track record of delivering quality education to its students, has expert faculty who can train students to cope-up with the current industry needs. It also has a 100% placement record which is really impressive.

It offers modern computer labs, a spacious library with knowledgeable books on Management studies, various journals, and magazines. It grooms students personally for the future challenges which are to be faced, by improving their soft skills, interaction by various competitions and events. It helps in the improvement of working as a team, doing supervision, enhancing leadership skills and critical thinking. It is India’s only institute which provides placements before admission. Offers four different PGDEM courses such as in marketing, human resource, operations management, and investment banking and securities operations.

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