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Who Knew NASA Technology Would Benefit Cancer Patients?

It's true. If you're tech savvy in space, you have the tools necessary to cure cancer.

Here's why: 2D X-rays. Oftentimes cancer cells are completely missed because of them, hence only discovered much later when they're even more difficult to treat. However, thanks to certain technologies actual astronauts use, we might be seeing doctors wielding such innovations thanks to a £1 million grant from the UK Space Agency.

The Idea Is to Pioneer a Revolutionary Portable 3D Medical X-Ray Machine


The same technology utilized to view the distant stars from other galaxies will actually be employed for the use of locating cancer cells early. How's that for revolutionary? This multiplies infinitely just how effective our doctors will become, able to locate suspect areas for tumor growth and catching it before it ends up a bigger problem than it should.

That's typically the worst weapon of cancer -- it grows while you're not even aware, and when you know it's there, it's already too late.

Interestingly enough, this new 3D machine will be much smaller and more portable. Additionally it will have connectivity with satellites, allowing for seamless and flexible service during surgeries without the need for a trip to the X-ray or CT scan room. When you think about such enterprising technology designed to reach out into the cosmos, we then realize that sometimes the new frontier doesn't exist out there, but inside all of us.

We're the new frontier.

With This New Innovation, Spending on Research Will Be Positive


We can expect 2.4% spending of GDP on the R&D by 2027. By evaluating effectiveness of field emitters with etching onto specific silicon wafers -- the same stuff used in ion thrusters and X-ray optics for star mapping -- doctors will have it pretty easy in fighting cancer even more. And it's all thanks to space technology!

What do you think about that innovation? Doctors and astronauts working together for the good of mankind: we can live with that. LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK WITH YOUR OWN VIGYAA ACCOUNT and be sure to CHECK OUT THE DATA DRIVEN INVESTOR FOR MORE TECHNOLOGY INSIGHTS!

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For all those who are newer to the concept of 3D technology; it is a growing technology in which different physical objects are being created by depositing the different materials in layers on the digital model. 3D technology also has been known as additive manufacturing and hence made it very easy to understand the various aspects of the production process without spending too much money as done previously on the physical models. The characters and usage of 3D printing in India are growing day by day at a breakneck pace due to the involvement of various unmatched features. As per a survey conducted almost 70% of the organization have been adopted the concept of 3D printing today.

Working of 3D printing: 3D printing services in India is a growing industry that was being introduced into the market a few years back. It has simplified the complexity of various production processes by creating 3D models into computers. It needs the involvement of 3D modeling software that works according to the data generated by the 3D scanner.

Applications of 3D printing

The field and usage of 3D technology are growing at a breakneck pace with the increasing awareness and production. Some of the most common forms of 3D printing are:

• Education: It is one of the most common fields where can view the use of 3D printing in our daily life. The 3D printers have now become one of the most critical parts of almost every classroom as it has made it easy for the educators and students as well in understanding the various concepts. The technology has helped the students and the educators both in materializing their ideas at a breakneck pace and that too without spending any extra charges for that. Whether it is a primary school, a high school or a university; 3D printers can be easily seen connecting students with the latest technology.

• Rapid prototyping: 3D printing has now become one of the most important parts of almost every designing process. The term rapid prototyping is used here; as the process is quite fast and cheap at the same time. 3D technology has made it immensely easier to create the product image and to add changes in it without wasting too much time and money on it.

• Fast manufacturing: It is another one of the most common aspects of the 3D printing process that has now being used by a large number of companies to perform small batch custom manufacturing as well. In short, you currently don’t need to wait for a more extended period to get customized manufacturing; add changes as per your expectations and get the desired results within the prescribed period.

• Automotive, Aviation and Aerospace: The field of 3D technology has now remained not only limited to some areas only but also in high demand as well in automotive, aviation and aerospace field as well in order raise the productivity by reducing the complexity of models of products.

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