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What Do Drones and Cowboys Have in Common?

Literally nothing, but just read this article, and you might get surprised....

Isn't weird how technology somehow manages to make all sort of Kevin Bacon connections better than even a movie critic can? It's startling. Come to think of it.... That may be the draw of technology to the masses as we continue to find ways to innovate and expand in terms of convenience, quality control, production and more. So you'll be shocked at what this could mean for the good ol' cowboy of the western states including Texas....

Soon the Drone May Be the Next in Line to Help Out on the Range

Who knows: it may end there, because you won't find a better companion to work with you then.... a drone? That's correct. Technology has certainly gone far now -- farther than we expect.

As the video shows, cattleman J.D. Russell of the Matador Cattle Company has taken the technology and modernized his own career with the ability to manage 10K acres and 2K cows without a problem. That's impressive. And it makes perfect sense.

What happens when one of your cows get sick? Will you be able to know that? Not necessarily. And at times it may be too late to tend to the issue.

That's largely been the life of many ranchers for the longest time in history, and the fact is it's a numbers game. No longer with drones on the watch, though. Let's say a cow wonders off, and then you have to track the bovine beast down. What happens if he or she moves again? Not fun. A drone removes that variable from the equation, making it easy to keep track of all your bulls beautifully.

As you saw, a drone not only can record infrared for heat signatures, telling whether or not cows are healthy, but can also keep track of grass fires and invasive species, maintaining the acreage without breaking a sweat.


Sure, It's Not as "Romantic" an Idea, But Really Technology -- or Drones, for That Matter -- Aren't About Poetry in Motion

Try efficiency. Skill. Prowess. Power. Look, we get it. The cowboy's the American pastime of the pasture. But without a doubt, a drone will make the cowboy the future! What do you think about drones and cowboys working together? SIGN UP FOR A FREE VIGYAA ACCOUNT RIGHT NOW AND WRITE YOUR OPINION!

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