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Volvo Is Doing Something Awesome to Prevent Drunk Driving

They're not doing infomercials, training classes or rehabilitation vouchers either.

This is honestly why technology is such an important feature with respect to the automotive industry -- it provides quite a bit in terms of not only functionality, but safety. So naturally if you're seeing a lot of news and updates on the automotive vertical regarding technology, it's no fluke. While we're hearing everything from AI to mobile to even cryptocurrency, the fact is that while we're digging our drones and what that business is bringing in, nothing beats safety. And safety's crucial in the automotive industry, no doubt. But what about Volvo? What's Volvo doing?

The Carmaker Volvo Will be Pushing Safety-First Driving in a Big Way Via Motion Sensors

Thanks to cameras and sensors the carmaker plans on installing for its early 2020 models, drunk driving accidents may soon be a thing of the past. What these sensors will do is monitor other drivers on drunk or distracted driving, utilizing an element of self-driving technology that will benefit the lives of motorists on the road.


A crash test of the Volvo XC 90, in fact, was shown at their safety center in Gothenburg, Sweden, recently to prove just how beneficial this new safety feature will be. The development of this technology won't be to just alert you, though -- your autonomous car will be able to accelerate, slow down, swerve and a number of other actions. This is largely due to the fact that Volvo attributes a lot of their safety sensors installation to a driver-less highway autopilot car they're developing as part of their initiative to propel the industry by 2025.

Expect probably another five to ten years, though, before it hits the market hard. Creating viability is crucial in selling these features especially when you're trusting a simple computer to save your life. It's smart technology -- another growing focus in the realm of technology as a whole, not just in automotive.

Authorities at Volvo are even saying that these cameras will be so inclusive, you as a driver will be able to not only tell that there are dangers out there, but if you are the risky driver, your car will automatically slow down for you, alert call assistance, and even park your car for you if you happen to not be smart enough to not get in the car while drunk, tired or distracted.

Undoubtedly, Safety Is Everything With Volvo

And it should be. With the amount of accidents and deaths we've seen in the automotive industry.... It better be. Any insights on electric vehicle technology? SIGN UP FOR A FREE VIGYAA ACCOUNT AND BECOME A TECHNOLOGY INFLUENCER and be sure to CHECK OUT THE DATA DRIVEN INVESTOR FOR MORE INSIGHTS!

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