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Time to Freak Out: We May Soon See Colleges Offering Scholarships for Fortnite Players

And we have technology to thank for it.

Don't start investing your money in all the training for your kids just quite yet -- but at the rate the new tech trend is going, I wouldn't be surprised if we end up seeing that soon. Gamer technology's hitting a high note this year as a spectator sport -- and in this new year, we can expect this to grow even more. By 35%, to be exact.

Technology Makes It Possible for Video Games to Literally Become a Spectator Sport

Case in point: Twitch. Live videos, too. Those new enterprising technologies we've been seeing online make it possible for all of us to watch others play video games; and when you pair that innovation with the likes of experts, we have a winning combination. That's time to leverage a new aspect of spectator sporting events, something we've already seen to some degree, but not to this level. Remember those little arcades at the mall? Yep, this is bigger.


Tournaments. You heard right. Frequency and magnitude will grow substantially as this tech continues to evolve and provide max ability to stream with the best of them. Since we've seen professional video gamers flock to screens -- and auditoriums -- in full force especially over in the Orient, it's only a matter of time as we continue to pursue 2019 that the U.S. sees the big time with spectator sport events for video gamers.

So think about what that means for revenue opportunities: franchise rights, advertising, broadcast agreements. Our newest athletes might be the ones constantly punching the pads of their gaming system versus the pads hanging from the ceiling as the boxers do. The fan base is growing -- as in about a major $1B for global eSports revenue amounts.

This might say volumes for what's to come as we've already seen developments in educational discipline with respect to video game testing, design and support at the college level. No longer do you have to be a programmer for that sort of thing. You simply need to be a designer. An artist. And by definition, that makes you a crafts-person, hence you very well can call this a discipline.

Think Fifa, NBA, Fortnite, or Overwatch -- Those are Now SPORTS

This is all thanks to growth in technology. We might've seen it coming. Nintendo came out with the Power Glove back in the day. We didn't catch it. All we saw were video games. Who knew technology would make it become so much more....

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