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The Big Three S's of Innovative Technology

These trends might as well be from Krypton!

I've always dug Superman. He's clean. He's smart. He's powerful. He has a big red S on his chest. And the current version doesn't sport red undies over tights. For ages he was the kind of superhero we all ached to be, representative of patriotism and goodness for all mankind. What does this have to do with technology, you say? Plenty!

Innovative Technology These Days Represents the Heroism of the MCU, DCEU and More


Largely because of the leaps (over tallest buildings) and bounds beyond what we saw in the industrial revolution. Make no mistake, though: those were big 'steps' back then. But, again, we stress: we're seeing leaps beyond our imagining in the techno-space, for sure, and you'll witness a plethora of updates on what to expect in future years to come.

(We won't even get on the subject -- at least not yet -- on the fact that mankind will be going to MARS soon....)

Let's Talk About Self-Driving Cars, Shall We?

Once thought a science fiction dream may now be a reality very soon, but should we be too surprised. After all, it was a cheesy Star Trek show that foretold the coming of the 'flip phone'. So now we get to have self-driving cars. Or maybe self-lacing shoes? Sure! Back to the Future foretold that one. The sky's the limit on this. Now you have to wonder if we can somehow tap into the science behind time travel....

Or Maybe Smart Homes?

The thought might actually be kind of scary when you think about it. Imagine what would happen if hackers broke into a system regulating your entire home.... Scary. But still this is a trend we'll be seeing more and more and more, and with online technological SECURITY (perhaps another S for innovative technology) keeping watch, the idea of smart homes and the IoT isn't a pipe dream at all.

Or.... Subscription Models?

Don't let this one fly past your head at all, because this one just might fall under multiple verticals on a wide scale. Think of Netflix, Hulu, Uber, Airbnb -- and other brands looking into the model with leverage of online marketing and connectivity to support probably the biggest trend we're seeing in industries all over. Technology makes it possible for you to simply pay a monthly fee for unlimited whatever-we-want, which changes the way we do business, the way we do retail, the way we shop and more.

No Phantom Zone Here -- Just Some Super Friends for Your Technology Needs

We were excited for those cool TVs, on demand, nifty smartphones and more, but somehow we managed to expand our horizons and go even bigger with these trends, and that will be only the beginning. Who knows what science and technology will bring soon after we see these trends acclimated into the mainstream?

Let's not think cloning dinosaurs is a good idea, though. Or else we'll really need a Superman to help us out with that one.


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