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Thanks to Russia and Luxembourg, We'll Be Space Mining for Mars

Science fiction is a lot more realistic than we give it credit for.

After all, we have self-lacing sneakers now and self-driving cars, so why not space mining? It's doable. Theoretically. We jest at the possibility for good reason, as we can go back years and laugh at the fact that Star Trek practically foretold the coming of the flip phone, but this has literally blown people away when Russia gave notice that they'll be joining this little country called Luxembourg on arguably the biggest thing to hit space technology since Curiosity and the colonization of Mars: mining.

Now Don't Let the Jaw Drop Too Much on Space Mining

It sounds cool, but really it's not. All it is, is just collecting nickel, cobalt and iron, materials pretty prevalent in asteroids. The point of mining these materials, though, is in preparation for colonization of Mars and of course other planets via interplanetary "gas stations."

Now you can geek out, because it does sound cool, like Deep Space Nine cool. We still, of course, have a long way to go before we end up seeing astronauts mining on slow-moving rock monsters in the sky, like what we saw with that ancient film called Armageddon with Ben Affleck, Bruce Willis, and Aerosmith's freakin' daughter.

What's even more amazing about this piece of news is that the first-ever legal regulations of space mining has been coming from that little country: Luxembourg. Who would've thought? And now Russia's joining that country in an effort to herald a new age of space travel. Go figure.

It was just this past January that Russian officials offered authorities in Luxembourg an actual agreement to cooperate on mining exploration in space. The fact that space law (that's right, there is such a thing now, and we should call it the prime directive or something cool like that) according to the 1967 Outer Space Treaty prohibited weapons of mass destruction in space, which is bad news for the Empire and the Death Star, as well as stating that all interstellar and cosmic space doesn't simply belong to one country or person, hence why Russia's so adamant about partnering with little Luxembourg. Aww.


Who Knew the Very Stars in the Sky Could Bring Countries Together?

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• Education: It is one of the most common fields where can view the use of 3D printing in our daily life. The 3D printers have now become one of the most critical parts of almost every classroom as it has made it easy for the educators and students as well in understanding the various concepts. The technology has helped the students and the educators both in materializing their ideas at a breakneck pace and that too without spending any extra charges for that. Whether it is a primary school, a high school or a university; 3D printers can be easily seen connecting students with the latest technology.

• Rapid prototyping: 3D printing has now become one of the most important parts of almost every designing process. The term rapid prototyping is used here; as the process is quite fast and cheap at the same time. 3D technology has made it immensely easier to create the product image and to add changes in it without wasting too much time and money on it.

• Fast manufacturing: It is another one of the most common aspects of the 3D printing process that has now being used by a large number of companies to perform small batch custom manufacturing as well. In short, you currently don’t need to wait for a more extended period to get customized manufacturing; add changes as per your expectations and get the desired results within the prescribed period.

• Automotive, Aviation and Aerospace: The field of 3D technology has now remained not only limited to some areas only but also in high demand as well in automotive, aviation and aerospace field as well in order raise the productivity by reducing the complexity of models of products.

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