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Thanks to Drone Technology, We Have Our Very Own Autobot Transformer

And this particular bot operates under rescue operations.

Not many times do we see pop culture infiltrate real science. We saw it with Star Trek. Then we had such brands like Minority Report bring about the age of the X-BOX and motion sensor technology. Already virtual reality and augmented reality gets us that much closer to what the future has looked like for us in science fiction -- but who would've thought we'd have our very own TRANSFORMER?? Thank drone technology for that one.

Except Instead of Fighting Off Decepticons and Blowing Buildings Up, This Little Bot Simply Saves Lives

And here's how: the University of Zurich and École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) have been hard at work developing a special type of drone designed for such tasks in first responder missions: a quadcopter designed to actually transform and change shape while mid-flight. Pretty nifty.

The point of this drone is to make it that much easier penetrating hard-to-reach places within disaster sites. The more industrial size drones, while bulky at best but durable at large can't seem to get through a lot of places for good reason. Now instead of equipping such bots with pulse cannons or anything, scientists decided to make it a little more practical and emphasize the one characteristic we enjoy the most about our transformers when we were kids.

Through Machine Learning Sensors and Control Systems, This Transformer Drone Can Morph Into Four Different Shapes and Sizes

Impressive. Most impressive. This makes the drone handy for certain rescue missions requiring location of victims or other materials. The design is such that the drone can remain in standard X-shape formation until facing a narrow passage, which it can then transform into a box-like shape, very much like an H.

If it's facing tighter prospects, it can compress into a smaller O shape. And even better, just in case crevices get more cramped, the drone can morph into a T shape with an on-board camera mounted on the central frame for additional video reach. The real technological science comes in with the fact that the drone operates with high-level machine-learning instruction data operators enter by computer, such as Enter that building or inspect every room and come back. That, however, remains to be seen, but at the current rate of development and with the likes of automation and smart technology continuing to rise like phoenixes from the ashes, there's no doubt....


Drones Will Be at the Forefront of Technology Simply Because They'll Serve Every Aspect of Life

And quite possibly the most important aspect of life: safety and security with the help of an Autobot! Let's roll out.... You can't beat that when it comes to technology and advancement. Let us know what you think of technology as well and SIGN UP FOR A FREE VIGYAA ACCOUNT!Get to writing about the trends right now!

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