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Spain Facing Viral Internet Attack for High Tech Military Info

Long gone are the days of the so-called weapons of mass destruction.

The real weapons of mass destruction are now wielded by cyber-terrorists in the form of hacking, hijacking, trojans and even worse.... total shutdown. Think about the ramifications of that. We can have all the manpower and firepower we want. Someone pushes that so-called hacker button, and we're dead in the water. It would be like going back to the stone age. And our enemies would rake over us with ease.

Cyber-Terrorism Is Still Going Strong Even to This Day, and the Proof Is in Spain

A virus recently attacked the Spanish Defense Ministry's intranet for just one purpose: to steal confidential information. Sounds like someone's trying to weaken the foundation of the Spanish people from the inside out, and the ultimate result will be a country's downfall -- not if allies and Spanish forces, of course, have anything to say about it!


There's no doubt that cyber-security's numero uno on the technology list of upgrades and innovations. That's for sure a no-brainer given that this particular Spanish virus was transmitted via something as simple as email. Of all things.

The culprit was first spotted in March of 2019 and then tracked down to ensure continued damage wasn't inflicted. However the damage had already been done with more than 50K users carrying the cyber-infection without them even knowing it.

The good news was the network at that time didn't have any of that classified information, and luckily authorities discovered the evil email in time -- because it was reported that the virus was going to more exciting networks -- such as military technology networks associated with the Spanish government.

Mmmmm, delicious, says the cyber-spider.

Sadly no reports have come in with the investigation to determine who was responsible for the Internet attack, but one thing's for sure: whoever orchestrated the attack wasn't any ordinary hacker. The code within the email was so complex that it had to have been done by not one hacker, but perhaps a cyber-terrorist cell capable of breaking into any network.

I Call That Pretty Scary -- That's Where Technology Can Truly Scare

Which is, again, why cyber-security's so crucial to the masses. All the LifeLocks and Identity Guards can agree. What do you think? You think you're well protected? What do you think we might need in terms of cyber-armor these days? CHIME IN WITH YOUR OWN VIGYAA ACCOUNT and be sure to CHECK OUT THE DATA DRIVEN INVESTOR FOR MORE INSIGHTS.

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