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New Zealand Prime Minister Praises Facebook on Brave Censorship

Because someone has to support Facebook these days, right?

You often have to feel a bit sorry for the social media giant. Facebook has endured a lot of heat lately, and this last issue of groups, pages and streams involving white nationalism, separatism and especially racism, has caused quite a stir in society to the point where Zuckerberg simply had to take action: he had to enforce the rule. The rule that stated "hateful content" would not be allowed. It turns out that white nationalism has become exactly that, and the latest news of what occurred at the Christchurch is proof of that.

The Good News Is That New Zealand Supports Facebook's Ban Completely


And from a certain point of view, it makes sense. After all, within the context of the guidelines set within the online platform, who discerns? -- the platform. it is their platform. This then becomes not an issue of discrimination, but of law. When a group or business or individual on Facebook violates it, it's perfectly within Facebook's right to then do due diligence and set the consequences accordingly.

As a measure of the larger picture here, it's pretty clear: technology must make a stand for what's right, not what's acceptable or "fair" from a certain perspective, lest the innovations we use can then be taken advantage of in ways we don't like. Facebook may get plenty more heat for banning white supremacy, nationalism and separatism -- facing accusations of discrimination and indifference -- but in the long term overall this may benefit the technology space with a balance to hopefully provide mankind with a space they can call their own and not feel like we're all losing our identities in this thing called the Internet.

In Short, We Don't Just Use the Internet, We Are a Part of the Internet

We, therefore, have a responsibility to ensure that the correct identity is portrayed in the Internet for the betterment of all. That's hopefully the entire purpose everyone should believe when it comes to technology. Do you thrill at the innovation of technology? SIGN UP FOR A VIGYAA ACCOUNT AND BECOME A TECHNOLOGY INFLUENCER RIGHT NOW and also CHECK OUT THE DATA DRIVEN INVESTOR FOR MORE INSIGHTS INTO THE INDUSTRY.

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