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Making Technology a Natural Part of Humanity: the Advent of NLG

What is NLG? Natural Language Generation, that is.

And to think we were all flooded with the trends of machine learning, AI, blockchain, video games and the Internet of Things as shown in this little piece. That's all tremendous news for technology, for sure -- but we guarantee even the biggest experts didn't see this one coming: it's called natural language generation. Or simply put.... NLG.

Natural Language Generation, or NLG, Is Simply Put a Machine "Writing Your Story." Literally.

By story, of course, we're not talking about writing novels or anything. Rather in this case, the machine is writing a story based on the data you're providing. Before you consider what good that would do anyone, look into the fact that we have numerous businesses out there in the world today doing exactly what they need to do: they're building stories called customer profiles, understanding their wants and needs in a way that's much deeper than analytics can show.


Thanks to augmented analytics, that same data now can present a story that's easily digestible for everyone from the independent marketer to the CEO. We now can understand customers on a more personal level, which makes them much easier to retain them.

Sales analysts already do this. They forecast. They tell stories based on the data, and those stories are simply predictions of what's going to happen. Imagine a computer doing the same thing. Our sales analysts of yesterday may very well be the data specialists of tomorrow. Instead of doing the research on their own as well as coming up with their own stories and presentations for upper management, they'll have the tools necessary to get that research as well as a built-in story for presentation.

The rest is gravy.

The Crazy News Is This Will Apply to Just About Vertical You Can Think Of

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While many of us may not know what cybersecurity is all about, it has already become a snarling issue. From countries to global corporations, everyone is in the race to get first grade cybersecurity measures.

What do you think of when you hear the term cybersecurity? Someone trying to attempt a bank fraud by accessing your account details, or does the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data scandal seem to ring a bell.

Keeping a long story short, cybersecurity is extremely important and messing with could cost you a lot of money. Although this seems to be a major downside of living in the digital era, but it is amply clear that all our private information more vulnerable than ever.

If you ever wondered what people do with the hacked data, then they could either be trying to harm you individually or may be trying to do something as devastating as trying to shut down an entire country.

While there have been many headline-grabbing cybercrimes, some of the ones which we all remember are:

As mentioned earlier, social networking giant Facebook’s data breach scandal exposed the data of close to 540 million users. This was a huge blow to not just the network, but also Mark Zuckerberg’s reputation.

First American Corporation’s data breach exposed people’s bank details, social security numbers, wire transfers and the numbers were a whopping 885 million records.

Global credit ratings agency, Equifax experienced a data breach which affected 147 million customers.

What may shock you further is that on a daily basis, there may be over 4000 hacks affecting systems globally every day.

Now, to know about some common threats:

Network Intrusion: These intrusions not just steal data, they also consume bandwidth and it is an unauthorised activity on a computer network from an external source.

Ransomware: It is a malware that denies access to your own system. It spreads by visiting a website or clicking on a spurious link and can be devastating for the organization or an individual.

Phishing: The attacker will use a stolen identity and dupe you into opening an email, text message or instant message.

Spyware: This is a kind of software that gathers information about you or an organization, without your knowledge and send all the information to an unidentified user without your consent.

Rootkit: This program allows hackers to hide other malware like spyware and viruses on your computer.

Trojans: Named after the Trojan horse, these are malicious programs in disguise and don’t replicate but create a backdoor entry that gives hackers more control of your computer.

Here’s what to do to protect yourself and fight against the growing threat:

Get insurance: Cybersecurity is the need of the hour and with the growing digital age, all companies are opting for it. A data breach to an organization can cost it dearly, so experts and damage control specialists can help you with providing insurance for your company.

Antivirus is not enough: Modern threats cannot be controlled just by antivirus. Technical teams have more requirements, they need many more tools, resources, solutions and the cost involved is not as high as that of dealing with that of a cyber attack.

Backup & recovery: to keep your business continuity in place, it is imperative to have backup and disaster recovery on points. A reliable backup protects your business like nothing else.

In order to operate a successful and sustainable business, it is important to protect your organization from online attacks.

The Quickbooks error code 392 in QuickBooks causes a sudden crash in the software and system. The QuickBooks software starts to freeze for sometimes and the computer starts to respond slowly to your commands. When it comes to account management, QuickBooks provides you the best solution for all your accounting needs but sometimes the QuickBooks software may not work properly due to the error code 392. In this article, we are able to be imparting you the stairs to clear up QuickBooks Error Code 392. But, the solution to this mistake is a chunk complicated and you require a few exact expertise of QuickBooks software to clear up it.

Reasons For QuickBooks error 392

The error code 392 takes place during the installation of an application or even as taking off or shutting down the home windows. The mistake can occur because of diverse reasons and some of them are as follow:

Corrupt or incomplete installation of QuickBooks

Corrupted windows registry

Windows machine documents or QuickBooks files were given corrupted

A special program mistakenly deleted a few QuickBooks documents

QuickBooks error 392: how to restore, resolve this error

The way to clear up QuickBooks error 392?

Try to restore the windows registry entries related to QuickBooks Error 392

Create a backup by way of exporting a part of the registry related to the mistake code 392 in QuickBooks

Go to the start menu

Type Command inside the search container

Now press and keep CTRL & SHFT keys collectively after which press the input key

A permission dialogue field might be caused on display. You have to click on sure

A black display screen will appear on your display. Type Regedit inside the screen and press the input key

Pick the key associated with the mistake code 392 which you need to take Registry

Click on at the record menu after which choose Export from the drop-down listing

Specify the folder area where you need to keep the QuickBooks backup key

Deliver your backup document a name and ensure that the ‘selected branch’ is selected within the Export variety box.

Then save

Use Disk Cleanup to delete all the temporary and junk documents. To achieve this, you want to observe the underneath-referred to steps.

Visit the start menu

Kind Command inside the search field

Now press and preserve CTRL & SHFT keys together and then press the input key

A permission speak box might be brought on on the show. You have to click on sure

Type cleanmgr and then press the enter key

Then calculate how a lot you may reclaim from the occupied disk area.

Now mark the perfect boxes from the Disk Cleanup communicate box. Ordinary files occupy the most space of the disk.

When you mark the boxes, click on OK

If the error nevertheless persists then you can also attempt some other solution steps that are mentioned below:

Replace the drivers installed on your desktop

Use the windows gadget restore function to undo the latest changes in the system

Uninstall and reinstall install QuickBooks

Run the home windows gadget report Checker

Install the modern windows updates

QuickBooks is a product item makes bookkeeping and finance forms bother free. QuickBooks Error 15227 is a mistake that constrains the working of the product. This mistake is regularly identified with the new QuickBooks adaptation introduced in the framework or to the Payroll update that you make. The blunder prompts when the PC crashes and quits reacting to the establishment of any program. It might be a result of the running of some Intuit programming programs when Windows either fires up or closes down.

One more issue that may prompt the mistake is the establishment of the Windows working framework. Additionally, there are various Errors looked by QB clients while refreshing QuickBooks Software or finance, talk about with specialists on QuickBooks phone number for support

By and large, the QuickBooks Error Code 15227 emerges refreshing finance or putting in new QB adaptation into the PC. In this specialized blog, we will examine the Error Code 15227 and its answer. In the event that you need prompt assistance – you can talk with our QuickBooks venture specialized help group.

QuickBooks mistake 15227 shows up when the work area crashes and the QuickBooks programming has adhered somewhat during the establishment procedure

This happened when your work area is shaky and significant framework records neglect to react to a show or starts missing. Peruse this article to fix this mistake. You can likewise spare your time and exertion by calling our QuickBooks Support group. Our Intuit affirmed ProAdvisor will give you speedy and most ideal answer for all your related questions.

Symptoms of Quickbooks error 15227

● Slamming of the PC

● Exemption spring up

● Nonattendance of security application

● Solidifying of PC

● Windows runs and reacts moderately

● The association mistake is shown.

● A portion of the potential indications of QB mistake 15227 are given beneath:-

● Moment framework crashes when the QuickBooks Error 15227 shows up.

● Slow and lazy Windows.

● At the point when the QB client can't find the taskbar.

● These windows mistake shows on your PC screen with some blunder message in the discourse box. They are:

● Deadly exemption spring up

● Your PC much of the time crashes with Error 15227 when running the equivalent

● "QuickBooksError 15227" is

● Windows runs languidly and reacts gradually to result.

● Your PC over and over "solidifies" for a couple of moments at a

● Association blunder keeps springing up.

● A security application was not found.

● Assignment bar incapable to discover.

Causes of Quickbooks error 15227

● Degenerate downloads

● Fragmented QB establishment

● Degenerate Windows vault

● Infection or malware

● Different pernicious program running

● Reasons for Error 15227

● Primary explanations behind the Windows update blunder QuickBooks Error 15227 in your PC are:

● Degenerate downloads or deficient establishment of QuickBooks System.

● Debasement in Windows library from another QuickBooks-related programming bundle alteration.

● Infection or Malware contamination that has debased Windows framework documents or QuickBooks-related program records.

● Another program perniciously or incorrectly erased QuickBooks-related records.

The solution to fix QB Update Error 15227

Solution 1: Windows Registry fix

● Snap Start type command in the content box for search

● Try not to hit Enter first hold CTRL-Shift together on the console and afterward hit Enter

● You will get an authorization discourse box then select Yes

● A black box shows up with a squinting cursor type regedit

● Snap Enter selects the key that you need to have reinforcement for. Snap Registry editor there

● Go to File Menu then Select Export

● Go to Save Inlist then select the envelope to be upheld up

● Give a name for the reinforcement record in the File Name Text

● Check whenever Selected branch is featured in the Export Range box snap Save

● Spare the document as .reg extension

● You as of now have reinforcement for the library section now

● In the event that having issue with Windows Millennium version call QuickBooks Enterprise Support Number to find support on this issue

Solution 2: Manual Steps for Error 15227

● Utilize a dependable vault cleaner to checking and fixing the mistake code 15227.

● Check the framework malware on the framework.

● Use the 'Circle Cleanup' device to evacuate or erase the garbage documents of the PC that damage the framework execution.

● Guarantee that the PC Drivers are refreshed to the most recent form. On the off chance that it's not refreshed, at that point update it now.

● Use the 'Windows System Restore' instrument to 'Fix' the ongoing alterations.

● Uninstall and reinstall the QuickBooks.

● So as to examine debasement in the framework, run the 'Windows System File Checker' and later, re-establish the Windows framework records.

● At last, execute clean Windows establishment into the PC. This will annihilate all the garbage records.

Solution 3: Repair Windows Registry Repair

Above all else, you have to hit a tick on "Start" fasten and type run direction and Make sure you have signed in your PC as a framework executive.

● You have to type "Regegit" direction and afterward hit Enter, on your console.

● Pick a key that you need to "make a reinforcement" for.

● After that snap on "Vault Editor".

● Presently go to the "record menu" and pick the "Fare" choice.

● After that Save the "Inlist" alternative.

● Pick the envelope you need to make back-up.

● Type and enter a name for the reinforcement record in the filename content.

● Check the chose field is featured in the "Fare run" box.

● Hit a tick on "Spare" fasten and spare the record name as reg augmentation.

● Well done.! You have effectively made a reinforcement for the library now.

● Strategies to Fix QuickBooks Error 15227

● The most recent form of QuickBooks must be redesigned

● Download the most recent rendition of the product

● All the library passages which are related to blunder 15227 is fixed

● Output your gadget completely for any malware or infection which may be answerable for causing the blunder

● With the assistance of framework cleaner, erase all your garbage documents and organizers and clean the framework, so no off-base information is available which can hurt the gadget. Evacuate every one of the records which are brief

● Every one of the drivers of the PC must be moved up to evade any blunder code

● Reestablish every one of the progressions done to windows setting as of late with the assistance of windows reestablish apparatus

● Uninstall and afterward again reinstall the records and projects identified with QuickBooks blunder 15227

● Sweep the framework with the assistance of document filtering of windows

● Every one of the updates of the windows must be introduced so the framework is modern and no blunder can happen because of old programming

● Run the spotless establishment of windows

On the off chance that QuickBooks Error 15227 endures significantly in the wake of utilizing the above advances… !! You can take the assistance from our intuit ensured advisors by dialing our Support number. Our experts will gladly assist you with an excursion in this.

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