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Lucky Number 13: Here Are 12+1 Major Industry Benefits of Technology Advancement

Count 'em. 13 verticals that are currently benefiting from new technology RIGHT NOW.

In general, one thing about technology is certain: society benefits. Hugely. From the time of the industrial revolution -- the advent of automotive, the push for financial services, railroad engineering, flight, photography, computers, the Internet, social media, AR, VR, space travel. The list goes on and on.


Technology has been there every step of the way to benefit all of us. But exactly who has been benefiting? Here's an exhaustive list of the most current technology stories you have to check out and see what's the latest. If you're a lover of technology (which you'd have to be if you're reading this particular article), you'll want to take a good look at all of these.

Perhaps you're interested in breaking into a particular market. Or you're all about having some fun with discovery. Maybe you're a mogul; or you aim to be the new pioneer. And one thing's for sure -- looking at this list might make the mind wander about what could be in the near future. Who knows:

So Let's Get Started With This Technology Advancement List, Shall We?

We'll be looking at specific verticals, industries, and focuses of discipline that highly leverage the power of technology. Chances are good you operate within at least one of these, so if you're missing the mark at work, or at school, or even at home, you'll want to do some investigating based on what you read here. Cheers.

Cloud Gaming

Own a console? -- PS4, XBOX, Nintendo Switch? Or maybe you just play on your iPhone, perhaps. That's okay, because nowadays the heyday of the cartridge or CD are over and this is the new age of gaming. Check it out.


This should be a no-brainer as we've had numerous problems with hacking, ID theft and more. Cyber-terrorism is on the rise, and here's all you need to know about it and why this industry's so important now.


If you haven't heard of this, you might be living as a hermit (but honestly that's okay as life is way less complicated). However, if you have heard of this thing called "cryptocurrency," you might want to check this out.



Artificial Intelligence

After watching films like Terminator and The Matrix, this could scare everyone. Thankfully, the stories here are just fun to read.

Aviation Technology

And you thought this technological innovation ended with the Wright brothers? Think again.

Data Privacy

Even if you're not getting hacked or preyed upon by cyber-terrorists, there's still the chance that the Internet's a vehicle for an "eagle eye," and in this day and age of morality and human rights, technology's at the forefront of the news.

EV (Electric Vehicles)

Same here. Ford did the job with the Model T, but who knew we'd have something like this?? (and MORE). Click the link for the story about what's new in the automotive industry.

5G Technology

It just keeps getting better and better and better now, doesn't it? We were happy with 4G and 4G LTE, but now the age of mobile put us into a new kind of science fiction, we think, with the news right here.


Now this is a total no-brainer. Think about it. We have an entire universe to explore, and we can't do that without enterprising technology at our fingertips. Check out this article for all the latest NASA and other agencies are doing for and up in space.

Media Streaming

In other words, entertainment: us humans need it! This may be the oldest type of "technology" known to man from the days neanderthals drew on walls. Storytelling, in all its formats, has advanced; and here's why.

Drone Technology

It's actually quite shocking how beneficial drones have become for a multitude of industries and professions. Care to find out what they are?




Believe it or not, but we don't live in the 20th century anymore where resumes and cover letters exist on actual paper. Nowadays those documents are digital, and that has upped the playing field in a major way while all of humanity continues to over-populate the Earth. Therefore technology has up a long way to make it that much easier for job candidates (and companies, too!). Here's how.

Personal Finance

For countless decades, debt has been one of the biggest diseases known to man. SO it makes sense that technology would benefit such a vertical! Check out what innovations has made it that much easier for one single person to manage money.

We Might Even Be Missing a Few Other Industries and Verticals, But That's Okay

These just might be the top ones to consider. But if you have any others to think about, by all means comment below -- or even better, START YOUR OWN VIGYAA ACCOUNT RIGHT NOW and get to writing the latest updates on technology! BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE DATA DRIVEN INVESTOR, TOO, FOR MORE INSIGHTS.

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