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Let's Keep U.S. Technology Policy Sensible And Bipartisan

With the 2018 midterm elections behind us, voters decided that Capitol Hill will return to two-party rule. These situations can spell gridlock with little to no expectation for major legislation making it to the President's desk-or political opportunity.


*Featured in Forbes, Roslyn Layton

With the 2018 midterm elections behind us, voters decided that Capitol Hill will return to two-party rule. These situations can spell gridlock with little to no expectation for major legislation making it to the President's desk-or political opportunity. In fact, far more potential exists between the two political parties on comprehensive technology policy than may be realized or admitted, leaving the door open to legislative achievements in 2019 that would enjoy broad political consensus and voter support.

There has perhaps been no issue more contentious in the technology landscape over the last decade than the concept of "net neutrality". Many Americans and businesses today share in the belief that an open and free internet is critical to improved quality of life, economic opportunity and social justice. They're right, and Congress has an obligation to craft bipartisan legislation that would preserve these fundamental values and ensure our internet is accessible by all and a continued catalyst to historic 21 st Century innovation.


Unfortunately, there remain groups motivated by other interests. Under the guise of activism, some groups have latched on to the confusing and controversial topic of net neutrality to drive fundraising, and they will go as far as disrupting meaningful legislative opportunities by organizing over-the-top stunts and sowing polarization and inaction on the issue. A case in point is today's "Day of Action", yet another political manipulation by telling people "to flood members of Congress with 7 advocacy correspondence" - much of which includes verbatim language crafted by the sophisticated, well-funded organizations behind the effort.

Rather than promoting sensible internet protections through legislation (the way 50 nations of the world have already done), these groups champion increasingly extreme, public-utility-style regulations born out of Title II of the 1934 Communications Act. Messages generated by the "Day of Action" not only contribute to the paralysis of Congress by further polarizing representatives; they also push excessive regulations like Title II (note: not net neutrality, like many argue) that compromise investment and harm the American innovation that we should be protecting. Indeed the rules and statutes they advocate do not even contain the term "net neutrality".

Going into the midterm elections, perhaps the biggest champion of Title II in the House of Representatives was Congressman Mike Doyle who introduced a procedure known as a Congressional Review Act (CRA) that would attempt to restore outdated Title II regulations. But, with the vitriolic midterms over and political realities settling back into place, Rep. Doyle admitted earlier this month that his resolution, "just doesn't have the kind of the push it would need to get us over the top" and that "[...] this lame duck's going to be dealing with a lot of things that are probably going to take precedence."

Rep. Doyle's CRA resolution needs 218 signatures to secure a December 10 vote. The resolution currently remains at 178 following a late addition by Rep. Joe Morelle (D-NY) on November 28.

Demonstrating passion and advocacy around important issues is a core tenet of American democracy. It is what makes the United States an attractive and hopeful place to billions around the globe. However, when these efforts become increasingly partisan and shortsighted, we must proceed with caution. The House CRA that would forcibly bring back Title II regulation through an extreme partisan avenue is dangerous and only diminishes our nation's ability to craft and enact constructive technology policy that reflects both sides of the aisle and promotes transparency, equality and long-term efficacy.

As our lives grow further entwined with technology, it only becomes more important for Congress to act on major technology policy. However, politicians must be willing to stop using issues like net neutrality as a wedge for political expediency and polarization. With a sensible and bipartisan approach, legislators can enact landmark policies on today's leading technology issue-even in the divided 116 th Congress. Let's hope they have the wisdom to disregard the uninformed bluster.

An American abroad, Roslyn Layton studies evidence-based policy for the information, communications, and digital technology industries with the goal to maximize welfare for consumers and taxpayers.

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People are gadgets freaks. Every second person you will encounter will talk about smartphones and technology. Every year various mobile companies launch new mobile phones with better-improvised features and connectivity. There's always an ongoing competition between the mobile phone companies. Each one is in competition to launch a product better than the first. It's a competitive world. Today we will be talking about the most recent flagship model of Samsung, i.e., Galaxy S10 and the one in competition with Samsung will be Google's Pixel 3 model.

The modern world cannot survive and function without technology and gadgets. With the innovation of technology, mankind is now heavily reliant on various devices which have helped us significantly to execute basic tasks. This has not only improved the flow of communication and transfer of data but in turn, has also saved valuable time which can now be utilized in a more productive manner. One such device is the smartphone.

Introduction to Google Pixel 3 and Samsung Galaxy S10.

Google pixel 3 was launched last year in November 2018. While Samsung galaxy has released its flagship model S10 this year, i.e., in February 2019, it is the first US phone with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855. Talk about performance, quality, camera, or any other features of both the phones; at present they have stiff competition in the Android market. For all the gadget lovers, it's challenging to come up with the answer to which model is suitable for them and which is worth their money. To make it easier, here are the specs of the present flagship models.

Hardware Performance -

A 2.5GHz octa-core processor powers Google Pixel 3. The phone comes with a 5.5 inch full HD with the 18.9 aspect ratio. On the other hand, Galaxy S10 smartphone has a 6.10-inch touchscreen display and is powered by 1.9GHz octa-core. Since Pixel 3 has a smaller display, it is a lot easier to hold the phone. When it comes to RAM, Samsung Galaxy S10 beats Google's Pixel, three models. Pixel 3 has 4GB of RAM and the phone packs 64GB and 128GB of internal storage options. Pretty much sufficient, yes!? Samsung Galaxy S10 doesn't think so. It comes with 8GB of RAM. And the phone has 128GB of internal storage. Not only this, but you can also expand the limit of internal storage via a microSD card up to 512GB.

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As far as cameras are concerned, Pixel 3 comes packaged with a 12.2-megapixel single camera at the back along with the LED flash. At the front, it has a setup of dual selfie camera that consists of 8-megapixel standard lends and an 8-megapixel wide angle lens. Although there is no laser autofocus, its users get a new spectral and flicker sensor that is placed between the camera. The former one allows the phone to capture more accurate colors; on the other hand, when you shoot against the artificial lightning, the flicker sensor helps to avoid banding.

Samsung Galaxy S10 is no less. Its primary camera packs 12 megapixel (f/1.5) and 12 megapixels (f/2.4) of the second camera at the rear. It also has 10 megapixels of the front shooter for selfies. It not only has a triple lens array, but there is also a Neural Processing Unit that will automatically select the best camera settings. There is also a camera feature called Shot Suggestion, and it helps one to frame photos by offering composition recommendations. What's more can one ask when they also get a unique night mode feature that can improve photos and shots taken during low light?


People purchase phones that don't just have useful features, but also the one that fits their pockets. Every mobile company launches phone models of all price range. Some people demand phones that range from as less as $200 or as high as $1,000. There's no fixed price when it comes to smartphones. Now let's see if the new trending phones in market fit its user's pockets. Google Pixel 3 price starts from $899 onwards. You can buy it from various online sites such as Amazon.

If you're looking forward to buying Galaxy S10 in black color, then it will cost you $899. Samsung Galaxy S10 in white and blue also comes at the same price of $899. There is another variant of white in Galaxy S10 with 8GB RAM and 512GB which costs $999.

Battery Life.

When it comes to battery, the Pixel 3 has a 2,915mAh cell. While on the other hand, Galaxy S10 has a 3,400 mAh battery. Pixel 3 has a high-speed charging which includes 18W adapters. It also has Qi wireless support. Even Galaxy S10 has the feature called Power Shares that allows one to use the phones as Qi charging pads. Pixel 3 and Galaxy S10, both have fast and high-speed charging. But it is tough to judge a battery life until and unless we actually put it to rest and check it yourself.

The Final Verdict.

There are a number of smartphones that are being launched in the market. The Samsung Galaxy S10 and Google Pixel 3 are among the top products which are making a positive mark in the mind of the target audience. If we look at the specs, Samsung Galaxy S10 seems to have the upper hand in comparison with Google Pixel 3. There are some features in Galaxy S10 that lack in Pixel 3. Say, for example, Galaxy S10 is water resistant while Pixel 3 is not, S10 have the dual sim availability while Pixel 3 doesn't. But specs alone cannot decide the entire story.

There are Samsung lovers who always prefer Samsung products over the other company's (Apple, Google) products and vice versa. There are people, and there are people. Even if I give a final Verdict like say, that Pixel3 is better than Galaxy S10, and people will anyway go with the one that suits them the best. After all, to each it is own! 

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QuickBooks is a very outstanding Software in the business. It helps in dealing with the records of business firms, particularly independent companies. It is exceptionally effective in sorting out assessments, following bill statuses, making repeating installments and making checks and so forth. It is the perfect bookkeeping Software for private ventures. Furthermore, under this product, we get an administration known as Payroll. This component, when opened, can complete all finance work which empowers the smooth working of business particularly with regards to computing how much specialists should be paid and to record finance charges. It can likewise deal with representative's expenses, record quarterly finance assessment report and so on. This administrations come in three distinctive sorts: Basic, Enhanced and Assisted Payroll. For increasingly point by point and inside and out thought regarding Payroll you can contact QuickBooks Support client care number.

Features of Payroll in QuickBooks:

The highlights that are evident in QuickBooks Payroll administration are the fundamental components of client fascination. These highlights are the foundation of the financial administration and are significant in choosing how great the Payroll administration is in QuickBooks.

A portion of the fundamental highlights of Payroll are:

Achieves both bookkeeping and finance: It oversees both bookkeeping and finance with one single sign in wiping out the long procedure of trusting that the second record holder will sign in to his record.

Statutory Compliance reports: It creates precise PT, PF, TSI and TDS report in a manner that is reasonable for transfer on government sites.

It matches up representative data and diary posting naturally: It consequently refreshes the finance exchanges stuck in an unfortunate situation of posting it physically.

Count of compensation and pay slips: All crafted by creating payslips and computing pay rates of specialists are overseen and done consequently.

Unites reports for fund and finance: This component is one of the principles and most significant ones in Payroll administration

View My Paycheck: This element is the most recent update to the Payroll administration. Through this component, representatives can keep a track on their check data by making a record on this site.

Issues with QuickBooks finance

Despite the fact that QuickBooks Payroll is an adored administration in the business domain, there will dependably be a few hits and misses. These issues present as an extraordinary bother to clients and cause a set back to its exceedingly presumed nature. A portion of the issues with QuickBooks finance are:

  1. The issue of QuickBooks finance blunder PS077

     2. The issue of QuickBooks finance blunder PS107

     3. The inconvenience with QuickBooks finance mistake PS058.

     4. QuickBooks finance blunder PS032

     5. Issues with QuickBooks finance update blunder 30159.

     6. The issue of QuickBooks finance set up code 00000 XXXX.

     7. QuickBooks finance blunder PS15240

QuickBooks Proadvisor Accountant Number

QuickBooks ProAdvisor is a term used to portray a confirmed worker or a bookkeeper or an expertly prepared specialist who has aced the specialty of QuickBooks by embraced the fundamental and propelled ability necessities of QuickBooks bookkeeping Software. A QuickBooks ProAdvisor is prepared and acquainted with every one of the capacities and methods of this bookkeeping Software program. He/she is qualified to give QuickBooks class or preparing specialized help, expense form, and accounting administration and so forth. Also, to turn into a ProAdvisor of QuickBooks, you have to overcome a few tests that are offered by Intuit at regular intervals.

These counsels work with little or up and coming organizations to assist them with their bookkeeping work so these organizations can receive the rewards and points of interest of the product. These ensured experts are furnished with all the most recent assets and aptitudes accessible from Intuit, which proves to be useful while attempting to investigate certain issues and issues of this product and furthermore while giving data and subtleties to clients. These experts are likewise confirmed to walk you through any confusion or issue through the assistance of some 'connect up' administrations which can be used uniquely by a checked QuickBooks ProAdvisor. On the off chance that you need to know where and how you can look into a QuickBooks Customer Service close to your region, you can call QuickBooks Contact Number

The kind of administrations given by a QuickBooks ProAdvisor

The QuickBooks ProAdvisor helps you with many bookkeeping administrations like giving answers for the issue during set up or availability issues and so on. A portion of the administrations gave are:

Bookkeeping and accounting: Under this administration you have your day by day 'accounting' errands, for example, invoicing, paying bills, accommodating financial balances and so on.

Help in budgetary arranging and expense arrangement: A QuickBooks ProAdvisor can likewise deal with your assessment arranging assignments. It deals with your quarterly and yearly personal assessment planning or finance expense form strategies and any sort of duty related installment.

Help with QuickBooks set up and counseling: If you are a novice in the realm of QuickBooks, QuickBooks ProAdvisor can control you through the essential set up procedure. Your product will be altered by them as per your inclination and necessities.

Other extra administrations: They likewise offer these extra administrations like setting up of items and administration records, interfacing your bank to QuickBooks, setting up clients and so on.

How you can discover a QuickBooks ProAdvisor.

In the event that you are hoping to discover a ProAdvisor for your QuickBooks programming, you can discover it by:

  1. Tapping on the 'ProAdvisor search entry' on your QuickBooks programming.

     2. Presently you simply need to include your area in the given field and enter the subtleties in the 'business served' box.

     3. From that point onward, you have to pick the administrations that are required and furthermore the QuickBooks item that you are utilizing right now.

Facebook is new and constantly unveiling features. But the over a past year or so, also been unveiling completely new product features. A very interesting part is how these all connect.

Facebook messenger like for an example, now like a Spin that all personal interactions on a platform. You can start using it for interactions like customer service.

That's very great for engagement. You can do it everything from a new derive awareness to follow up individually with on a Facebook customer.

However, the thing missing for a long time.

A business replicates almost every single important function. The except for running payments and transaction.

What Is Facebook Marketplace?

The Facebook Marketplace is a usual Marketplace. Its open exchange and where you can post stuff for sale or buy new used items off people within your local area.

There are already 18 million new items in the marketplace, ranging from cars and video games rental houses to clothes.

The premise very simple and buying experience is, too. You find something of interest and just click to message the seller you can work it out from there. If more information about it you have the option to contact our Facebook support. our team provide all information or solve your query.

How To Use Facebook Marketplace For Business?

How your business can take advantage of Facebook Marketplace and before the competition catches on.

1.Increase awareness & “discoverability”

Increasing whole awareness is that the quickest, simplest way to extend sales. as a result of individuals won’t purchase if they don’t understand or trust you (more on this within the next section).

That means you would like to extend the number of individuals World Health Organization understand World Health Organization you're. you would like additional individuals to acknowledge your name.

And you would like to form it simple for them to find you once they’ve ne'er detected of you before.

Facebook Marketplace is a superb place to try and do simply that. Don’t take my word for it, though. Take AdWeek’s:

“Facebook accessorial that the shopping for and mercantilism experiences triggered by Marketplace have a light-emitting diode to the growth of seventy-seven p.c in users World Health Organization might not have otherwise connected.”

Do you know what that means?

The Marketplace offers you a straightforward thanks to nearly double the amount of interactions you have got with potential customers at once.

But how?

Like any alternative platform channel or medium. With a suggestion, they can’t refuse.

This product listing contains the following:

  1. Focus on the product, not the corporate

        2. Date and time handiness

            3. And an area address

If you are wanting within the Marketplace underneath “Tools, it’s safe to assume you are curious about tools. The provide is meant to tug individuals in, that specializes in what they need.

And then you utilize that fleeting attention to reveal them to your business for the primary time.

Exhibit B is an excellent higher example:

First, the transformed image. It’s showing the work-in-progress thus you'll see the standard.

It’s remodeling associate degree intangible service into a tangible finished product.

Next, is that the signaling straight within the description.

But the simplest half is saved for last. Notice the ‘price’? It’s listed as free.

Their goal here is to indicate up to the foremost individuals potential. Of course, you recognize the particular service isn’t free. The service appraisal is. However, this isn’t the purpose.

Instead, they’re capitalizing on, however “Free” product within the Marketplace can get further visibility.

2. Build trust before purchase

What’s the worst half concerning shopping for one thing off Craigslist?

It’s that ill-natured question within the back of your mind. “Is this person legit?”

Trust makes all the distinction in an exceedingly dealing. It’s virtually the distinction between procurement and a pass.

That’s why individuals hunt for famed whole names once deciding to get — even over value.

Most of Facebook Marketplace sales can return through associate degree individual’s profile. Believe it or not, that’s an honest issue.

It helps individuals see specifically World Health Organization they’re doing business with. It helps them answer that ill-natured question while not ever having to decision you or step foot in your store.

Google calls this the Zero Time of Truth. It’s the proactive analysis part that customers can examine before beginning the shopping for method.

Facebook’s relative transparency aligns with however shoppers area unit already searching nowadays.

Now, compare that to an area like Craigslist, that uses pretend ‘no reply’ email addresses and sometimes doesn’t even provide you with ANY merchandiser info up front.

There is no comparison.

Here’s an ideal example:

The image could be a skilled bed set. This merchandiser is aware of what they’re doing.

But 3 key things separate it:

  1. The store name is listed

        2. The address is listed

          3. And the owner, Mark, desires you to message him

Interested patrons have 3 ways to assure everything concerning this company before even watching the accessible product.

Notice it’s products and not product.

3. Conduct marketing research to envision what sells

So far, you simply wish individuals to grasp your name. you wish to urge them into your store.

How would you be doing this with ads?

You’d in all probability decide much totally different product and see what gets the foremost attention.

You figure out that product area unit within the most demand. Then, when you have got their attention and trust, you'll sell them something.

The trick is to work a way to get their attention. Or additional specifically, that product gets the foremost eyeballs.

Let’s examine the house & Garden class real fast to envision what the foremost “Popular” product are:

Those arrows area unit annoying, I know. however, they’re making an attempt to focus on one thing.

Three things stand out once you check out the highest six most “Popular” things during this category:

  1. Sectional Sofas

        2. Bedroom sets

         3. Patio furnishings

Now, you have got away higher plan of a way to herald eyeballs. you recognize that things to feature.

The next step is to separate take a look at the art. Treat this like all alternative and artistic, as a result of the weather area unit mostly constant.

It doesn’t have to be compelled to be super official at this time. Don’t stress over applied math significance.

Instead, simply start with split testing classic artistic parts just like the headline you utilize, the featured image, and even the decision to action within the description. And also facebook related issues contact Facebook phone number toll-free number provides more information or technical help.

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