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Infrastructure Technology Takes It to Another Level With Drone Mapping

And even MORE, but you have to read on to find out.

We often take it for granted, but the fact that we even have roads and airports has been a huge industrial revolution, birthing the age of prosperity where countries don't function unless truckers have a way to get to multiple businesses to deliver all the goods and materials they need to operate. That's what we call infrastructure. The basics of every municipality, every state, every country -- central hubs for transportation, deliveries, logistics and more. You'd think there's a better way to achieve all of that (there is).

After All, There Are Many Headaches and More in Transportation and Logistics


Traffic jams, breakdowns, lockdowns, crashes, missing reports, human error, thankless jobs (especially during a certain government shutdown): we hear about that on the news on the daily, so for sure there has to be a way to improve on all of that (again, we already mentioned it.... But there is).

It's called Macquarie Group, Earth's most massive manager of infrastructure assets.

Reports are in with Reuters stating that the corporation seeded funds for the development of a mapping system for drones -- and even an electric-vehicle sharing business. That's ambition spelled with a capital A.

What they're thinking of doing is advancing from toll roads to vehicle shares, and targeting the much-needed tech revolutionizing the airways with drone development. The sky's literally the limit here.

With backing for some startups such as AirMap, an airspace info provider for drone operators, and Envoy Technologies, a platform on-demand electric vehicle offerings in urban areas, there's no question: Macquarie is pushing for the tech to sweep the foundation of what we do on a daily basis -- as in support of an amount close to $1MM, and even an additional $10MM to $20MM in follow-up investments.

That's Some Hefty Support for a Type of Burgeoning Technology


A technology that can encompass so much more: blockchain, fintech, NLG as well. You name it. It's because our entire framework relies on the infrastructure surrounding all of us in buildings, networks and more. It's all about to change -- but for the better.

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