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IBM Just Filed a New Patent for a Revolutionary Drone, and It's Quite the Wake-Up Call

Let's just say you'll get a caffeine jolt from it!

Quite the jolt, actually, but we're honestly not surprised. Drone technology currently sits at the forefront of techno-trend for obvious reason. The concept of drones applies to many different verticals, and now it seems IBM has jumped on that bandwagon in a big way -- by filing a patent for a new type of drone. Can you guess what it is?

Try Coffee Delivery -- That's Right, a Delivery Drone That Transports Coffee to You


We call that interesting -- so interesting as to the aggressive trademarking of a drone simply designed to deliver some Joe on the fly. Literally. Interestingly enough, the patent describes a type of drone that can detect actual lagging -- tiredness, if you will! You heard correctly -- a drone that can sense when you need some caffeine in your system.

In other words, fear not -- you won't need to live right by a Starbucks. If you're suffering from sleepiness, this is a drone that can actually patrol the skies, scanning the many below who may need a cappuccino or two. Now that's technology innovation at its best.

IBM imagines this as an unmanned copter, scanning through sensors connected to a UAV. With predetermined cognitive states and sensor data, you get information that could easily result in machine learning algorithms designed to launch tasks for coffee deliveries.

Additionally the drone will be designed to monitor blood pressure, pupil dilation and all sorts of facial expression via camera mount. Ways for people to signal would be similar as motioning for a taxi. Through sensors designed to spot those signals, a simple hand motion could then result in the drone flying right in with a cappuccino. Hypotheticals, of course, of delivery details include the simple pouring of coffee into a mug, or perhaps a more full-service approach of sealed bags of coffee grounds. The sky's the limit here.

You Wouldn't Believe That IBM Is Even Considering Another Kind of Beverage....

Alcohol. Beer. Maybe even a cocktail or two.

You'd think IBM is pretty nuts, but that's ambitious and rather realistic in a way. Think about it. A drone that can read biometrics in reverse, detecting unsteadiness and slurred speech as a way to tell that a customer is drunk enough to be cut off completely. This, however, doesn't suggest that the patent will mean IBM will be developing such a drone, but it's not beyond the realm of possibility. So in other words, we may just have our very own drone bartender in the sky one day.

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