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From Dalmatians to Drones: How Firefighters Benefit From Technology

Don't get us wrong, though: I believe a firefighter could always use a good dalmation.

Canines come in handy, honestly -- but who knew drone technology would make such a dent in fire and rescue public services, right? That's quite the case given California's deadliest wildfire ever recently when one 19-year-old by the name of Jack McCandless revolutionized methodology with the use of a drone.

McCandless Actually Serves on the Menlo Park Fire District as a Specialist


A specialist with technological experience in -- you guessed it -- drones.

It turns out many a firefighter see quite the benefit in them -- and McCandless as well, given his affinity, skill and understanding of those "flying robots."  Here's the crazy thing: McCandless wasn't always doing something with fire and rescue. In fact, at the tender age of 16, this kid was working with NASA Ames for a company on projects with satellites.

So, in other words, yeah, kid's smart.

That being said, let's get one thing straight: drone technology is cutting edge. What firefighters do realize, however, is that it does take skill to operate one successfully. They're very much crafts, honed as a craft that could very well turn into a discipline of sorts.

They then realized without a doubt that drones required specialization and skill, hence the Menlo park Drone Program launched back in 2014. The benefit was obvious: cameras, scope, scouting, and obvious search-and-rescue operations were kicked up a notch, allowing firefighters an extra set, or two or three, of eyeballs on the situation for better safety, service and results.

McCandless was initially approached to basically lead the program with his skill, intuition, imagination and drive in expanding the scope of what's possible in drone technology. With his technical prowess, the guy manages to get drones to do exactly what firefighters hope for, even managing an entire fleet of drones of encompassing sizes and capabilities.

He'd say his role fits within research and development. And he may be right. The fact is he has plenty in the works with drone technology that could benefit just about anyone: drones equipped with gas meters, Geiger counters, even life preservers with bolt-action release during water rescues. The sky's truly the limit to what can be accomplished on a drone.



There You Have It -- Another Reason Why a Drone Might Be the One Thing That Saves Your Life

Again, you always have your dalmatian to give you the comfort you hope for after a hard day's work saving lives. What do you think about drone technology? SIGN UP FOR A FREE VIGYAA ACCOUNT AND START WRITING RIGHT NOW!

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