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Federal Aviation Industry Will Be Needing Some Techno-Specialists Soon

And a LOT of them. Plus extra funds to support the industry.

If there ever was a telltale sign that an industry's growing in terms of technology innovation, this is definitely it. So listen up, people: if you're a techno-nerd, and you want to make big money, chances are good you'll want to get into the aviation industry. Why? Because the business there is flourishing for good reason.

The FAA Recently Requested the U.S. Senate for $1.8B in Funds for Certification


That, and they would need a total of 10K new employees. And not simply your everyday flight attendant or aviation pilot. We're talking about professionals in the IT and technology industry capable of certifying airplanes to manufacturers on the technical side due to the scrutiny held on the 737 MAX plane and two crashes recently occurring in Indonesia and Ethiopia.

This is a no-brainer. After all, aviation's key in terms of the overall national health and well-being. People do need to travel. Companies travel. Flights are a must. But in order to operate within expectations, the FAA must accommodate with the manpower necessary to ensure accidents, like what happened in those two countries, don't happen again.

The type of work required literally would be no different than someone troubleshooting a computer, or verifying that operations work successfully. Testing, examinations and evaluations: they're key in this technology industry, and right now aviation sits at the forefront of a vertical rich with possibilities and opportunities.

We mentioned that employment benefits from technology, for sure -- but this just took it one step further.

Safety Is Key in This Industry, Obviously

We certainly don't want planes flying into mountains or buildings. And if we're leveraging technology to aid our pilots, let's for sure ensure that the systems work exactly as they should. Agreed? What do you think of technology and aviation? SIGN UP FOR A VIGYAA ACCOUNT AND START WRITING YOUR UPDATES ON WHAT YOU KNOW RIGHT NOW, and be sure to CHECK OUT THE DATA DRIVEN INVESTOR FOR EVEN MORE INSIGHTS INTO TECHNOLOGY.

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