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Facebook Feeling the Pain in Civil Charge for Racial Discrimination

That's a big one for Facebook, too.

Typically Facebook would be the last entity to ever be accused of anything racial or discrimination-based. But guess what: anything can happen especially in this day and age of data privacy hacks and global terrorism. What once was a paradise for all in pixelated form may now be a segmented cyberspace version of what life once was like during the Civil Rights Movement:

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Has Actually Charged Facebook With Discrimination


And when it comes to real estate, there's no slacking or leniency. Heck, you could be POTUS, and that's grounds for impeachment. In any case, according to HUD, Facebook is in violation of the Fair Housing Act given the targeted advertisements on the platform catering to specific race and color --

Because of Facebook's algorithm and targeting features, this allowed for the platform to serve those ads to specific groups, hence discriminating against those other groups of differing national origin, religion, familial status, gender and disability. Of course, HUD is seeking damages and relief on that even though Zuckerberg made attempts to rectify the issue with HUD and prevent those ads from being shown, which brings us to the big point here --

Is It Really Facebook's Fault That Discriminatory Ads Are Showing on Their Platform?

Keep in mind who's running those ads; it's not Facebook. Companies run ads on Facebook daily, including realtors and property management companies. The targeting features on Facebook truly aren't meant to discriminate but to refine online marketing campaigns and discover the best possible audiences for the highest quality leads.

You'd think the ones responsible should be the businesses running the ads, not the platform hosting them. Alas, it's a sign of where accountability lies -- not with advertisers. Of course, these advertisers are shelling out the money for these ads, so naturally Facebook benefits from them.

The issue at hand was that Facebook willingly enabled advertisers the ability to exclude certain demographics and characteristics -- which is no different than realtors turning people down in searching for a home due to the color of their skin. The underlying focus is that since advertisers are the ones paying the money, Facebook certainly would want to accommodate them with the most possible features and abilities in online marketing at their disposal.

No doubt that limiting that with their new advertising portal catering to housing and employment will specifically ban certain targeting options; but obviously that may seem too little, too late, for the social media giant as the big charge is slapped on their behind by HUD, and once again Facebook is in the limelight.



Sadly, This Isn't a Limelight Facebook Wants at the Moment

When technology is on top, lots of entities can work hard to bring it down fast. Although we're willing to bet Facebook might be not too burdened by this given the rest they've had to deal with, and in all honesty we haven't seen the advertising dollar amounts decrease, nor the traffic and membership diminish on the platform! What do you think about Facebook? SIGN UP FOR A FREE VIGYAA ACCOUNT AND START WRITING SOME INFLUENCER PIECES YOURSELF and be sure to CHECK OUT THE DATA DRIVEN INVESTOR FOR MORE TECHNOLOGY INSIGHTS!

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