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Dynamic Drone Soars to New World Record and Unprecedented Technology Leap

The Wright brothers would certainly be proud.

Technology has always been about daring to dream. From the very beginning, when we thought of the possibility of riding an engine with wheels, to flying a plane -- from breaking the sound barrier, and even walking on the moon -- technology pushes and propels us into the next generation. Truly this isn't any different as drone technology continues to make leaps and bounds --



The New World Record Is Official -- a Drone Nearly Reached the 26-Day Mark in Flight

And, of course, the beauty of that accomplishment is that it wouldn't have happened had it not been for solar power!

Airbus is the organization responsible for the massive leap in achievement. They now hold the record for longest continuous flight of an unmanned aircraft. The name of the drone is Zephyr S, a machine developed since 2015 and tested as a way to provide an alternative to costlier satellites. Without a doubt, they've come a long way.

At only 165 pounds, this is a drone that could easily be confused with a satellite -- it has a wingspan of 80 feet, and each part of those wings are covered in solar panels, keeping its engine running at optimal generation even through cloud cover and additional air traffic. The beauty of the achievement is that it's only the beginning -- as its maiden voyage launched back in July 11th, each and every test mission increased duration more and more, and this is now the latest accolade that could be a telltale sign of the future:

We Will Have a High-Powered Drone Capable of Boundless Possibilities



Such as airborne monitoring of impact zones and disasters, long-term environmental studies, and even wireless internet service for difficult areas. Satellites may be the new dinosaur of aeronautical technology as slowly but surely they may be replaced by drones capable of so much more. As we speak, though, Airbus is developing a second model of larger size and build to accommodate heavier payloads. Sound exciting? That's what the Wright brothers thought when they looked up into the sky and thought they could do exactly what the birds could. This is an example of how technology never stops imagining.


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