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Does Technology Complicate Things? Ask Leading Finance and Budgeting App PocketGuard.

You'll love the answer, because this outstanding app leverages technology, but keeps things quite simple.

One of the worst Achilles' heels of technology -- everything from blockchain to credit card chips -- is that it's either too simple, or even worse.... Too complicated. We then lose the whole point of technology in advancing society and making everything that much easier. It becomes a crutch. A limit. We're reduced to a bunch of talking heads with fingers punching the keyboards of our smartphones and not willing to handle or manage some of the more menial tasks of life that actually still matter when it comes to mankind.


In Fact, One Could Say Technology Makes It WAY Too Easy for Us to Spend Money TOO Much

Seriously, just check this right here. The numbers don't lie. People these days are spending more and more money and going into more and more debt. Part of the reason for that is the convenience. It's just way easier spend that money and get the things we want. Back then it was such a hassle!



Now we have microchips in our credit cards, instant transfers, we don't have to stand in line for the teller at the bank, no more grocery stores with long lines, you can even pay for your shopping from home and have it all delivered to you.... CONVENIENCE. It makes everything 'better'.

(Or does it?)

PocketGuard, However, Says Otherwise!


Part of technology's rise (and this is the obvious positive) is that mobile advancements definitely make everything easier. In fact, I'd wager no one could argue against that fact. If you have a smartphone, and your bank app on it, you can do everything you ever could do at the brick-and-mortar building without wasting gas or time. So take note: if it involves something regarding app technology, you're on the right track.

Part of the issue facing consumers looking for ways to streamline efficiency with their day-to-day lives is that working with too much to accomplish the goal ends up being counter-productive. You have to remember more processes, more passwords -- and that leads to more of the same problems.

PocketGuard is a budgeting app that honors simplicity. It takes the basis of technology and keeps things linear -- no data to review, no uploading stuff, no downloading other stuff. Just an easy interface and some synchronization of your accounts, and you're good to go.

The great thing about the technology is that the breeze of it does all the work for you -- once you synchronize your bank account, the app analyzes all your spending and saving to organize everything into "pockets" right on the dashboard.

In other words, you get a real simple overview of whether or not you're hitting the mark with your financial goals. It does the math for you, showing you exactly what's in your "pocket" after all the bills, subscriptions and costs get subtracted from the income you receive. No filters. No customizations. Just a simple screen showing you what matters.



Isn't That What Technology Supposed to Do -- SIMPLIFY?

At the very least, when it comes to finances, technology's a breeze. All you need to do is click here and get started if you're in need of budgeting assistance! And you have app technology to thank for that.

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