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Boeing Brings It With Software Fix of the 737 MAX Franchise

Aviation gets a major technological upgrade.

That should be a no-brainer for vehicles meant to fly high in the sky with a bunch of humans. Think about it. This is where technology really should play a massive role in the development of excellence, safety, efficiency and more, but the fact is Boeing has a lot of hoops to jump through with respect to U.S. regulation.

The Issue Is the Boeing Automated Flight Control System


Who knew people would be a little iffy about that? Planes that can fly themselves? Who needs pilots? After all, everyone's going crazy over self-driving vehicles, machine learning and automation -- smart cities and self-lacing sneakers. But planes? Why are people iffy about that??

It's a plane -- in the sky. Combustion. Pressure. Danger. Anyone see Apollo 13? That's up in space, of course. But for all intents and purposes, people pay money to fly on a plane, and if something goes wrong with a system designed to fly on its own, honey, we have problems.

So naturally there will be some hoops to jump through. But all in all, this makes the aviation industry quite the hotbed for technological advancement, plus pilots will have quite the easy job in flying these suckers in and out of clouds, plus landing.

In the past five months, of course, Boeing has been under major scrutiny -- with two deadly crashes to answer for. Washington lawmakers undoubtedly and understandably want to know what's up as the crashes may have been caused by those same automated systems.

Currently the FAA (Federal Aviation Industry) hasn't approved the anti-stall upgrade and other software fixes just yet. But if Boeing keeps pushing for it, they'll get exactly what they want. The question: will we be ready to get on a plane that could potentially fly us into a freakin' mountain?

And Here We Have Another Story About How Technology Plays a Major Role in Safety

More importantly, bear in mind this important fact: our pilots do matter. They need the training necessary to not only monitor those systems, but to take over when necessary. Machine automation only goes so far: the rest have to be taken care of by us. Wouldn't you agree?

Extra computer training: not only do our pilots need to know how to operate a plane, but they also need to know how to work with a complex computer system -- almost IT style with troubleshooting experience. This is doubly important given the fact they'll be thousands of miles in the air with a computer system that could crash, randomly, and they just can't call up the help desk and submit a "ticket."



Thankfully Boeing Will be Getting Their 737 (and Counting) Pilots Trained in Computer Tech

That and some serious modifications, tweaks and new best practices in place -- long story short, we have an entire industry evolving from the ground up, for good reason. It's too ensure we don't ever have nasty crashes like this happening again. Those were the days when the random crash occurs because the pilot's drunk or sleepy. Now crashes are occurring because tech's faulty.

Anyone want to go flying? I'll still fly. Plenty of safety measures in place. And I believe in technology. Do you? SIGN UP FOR A VIGYAA ACCOUNT AND BECOME A TECHNOLOGY INFLUENCER WITH YOUR OWN OPINION and be sure to CHECK OUT THE DATA DRIVEN INVESTOR FOR MORE INSIGHTS

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