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Beware as the City You Live in Might Get "Smarter" Than You

And that's saying something if you already have a college degree. s

You shouldn't actually be scared, though. Just wary. It's a sign of the times that technology is establishing its footprint as a relevant part of society, not just an aspect you see every day as you look out the window. It'll more or less dictate everything from how you get to work, where you work, how you work, how you eat, how you talk to clients and friends at your favorite restaurant, and so much more. We're talking, of course, about the Internet of Things, automation of course. And there was a time in our recent past when we dubbed the smartphone a human institution of growth. Why not a smart city??

The Age of the Smart City: It's True That the City You Live in Will Actually ADAPT


Wow, that's a weird thing to say, but what else do you expect? Our smartphones are smart. We now to this day have smart cars. We have appliances in our home that are smart to the point that it knows what we want and when we want it. Technology that learns is the key trend of tomorrow.

Investments you'll see in this trend will include a number of industries: environmental, utility management, and transport infrastructure. Browse YouTube, and you might even see plans for optimized railways for public transportation, smart cars with design patterns for logistics that will literally allow you to not ever have to hold onto a wheel ever again. Scary, but enticing, thought.

The tech behind all of it is none other than data -- actionable data. The tech takes that data and evolves the systems in such a way that it continually learns what we all want, when we want it, wherever we want it. Don't freak, though, thinking that we'll cease to be human.

The real crux of this new technological development is the fact that cities will now be aware of just how dirty they are with respect to the environment. Think cleaner air supplies, for one. Perhaps some areas require cheaper energy sources and more effective public services. Some of the age-old tiresome ways of a troubled city may go by the wayside for good as we see a city evolve to serve us rather than it.

It's a Tremendous Time for Technology as Smart Cities Take Hold

And the good news is this: these "smart cities" will only take hold of the future -- and not our freedom to make choices and still be active in what we want to do. It's time to believe that enterprising tech's not designed to force us to be dependent on it -- but to compel us to be what we all want to be.

Rulers of our destiny.


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