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Apple Will Be Actively Targeting a Most Unusual Industry Very Soon

It will surely make you sweat up a storm.

It's no secret, in fact, that Apple's sweating up a storm currently given the dipping iPhone sales and heavy competition from other tech giants penetrating the latest innovations with gusto. We're looking at you, Amazon and Google. Heck, even Microsoft is doing their due diligence and taking appropriate steps to stay relevant in today's industry. But Apple? Talk about unexpected....

The Industry They Will Be Tackling Will be HEALTH AND WELLNESS

Ever heard of the Fitbit? Handy little wristwatch thingy. But it's not so much a watch as it is a monitor for your health, and we're seeing technological innovations pop up everywhere with the purpose to ensure you live longer and prosper like a Vulcan would. Knowing that, it makes sense that the enigma that is the Apple Watch seeks to do exactly the same thing with the help of smart technology, monitoring activity and heart rate in addition to acting as a wristband iPhone with all the requisite features.


Health management matters, essentially. It couldn't be simpler. For sure, Apple has the means and the creativity to make it work, no doubt. In fact, the latest Apple Watch version performs EKG readings with ease. If you fall by accident and hurt yourself somehow, the Apple Watch can also provide an immediate option to call emergency services.

To go one step further, Apple has partnered with Aetna, offering free or discounted Apple Watches along with the potential for private medicare plans for the elderly. After all, falling and knowing you can't get up will benefit from the age-old Life Call, the forefather of expert telecommunications for the elderly's health and wellness -- but the elderly may benefit even more from just one little Apple Watch!

It's All About Delivering in a Niche -- Do You Think Apple Has Something Going Here?

Because one thing's for sure: it looks like the trusty iPhone won't last much longer, at least as an innovation. It will be nothing more than just your regular smartphone. Feel free to chime in with your own thoughts and CREATE YOUR OWN VIGYAA ACCOUNT RIGHT NOW!

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Now a days how does technology addiction pollute our brain. We all know that carrots and broccoli are healthy but the question is can we eat them all day. Overuse of anything works rather than benefits, and many of us are happy to see more use of technology.


According to the results of the survey conducted in 34 countries by the Consumer Data Collection company, Web Web Index, users of the Internet are online for an average of six hours daily. In these countries, Thailand, Philippines and Brazil spend more than nine hours online every day, with a third of them spending on social media. So the question is, what does technology do with our brains?

Due to the increasing use of technology it is still being scientifically investigated on its effects on our physical and mental health. It pollute our brain.


Dr.Shami Kang a pediatrician's mental health specialist in Canada, also focuses on people with technology addiction.

He said that technology disturbances, depression, self-esteem are increasing and the Internet is on the rise.

Just as super foods and junk foods are available with healthy foods in the diet, there are different types of technology,

if you want to have a good relationship with them, you have to understand that it is on your mind. so pollute our brain technology .

Dr. Kang says

that our brain goes through 'meta-bolisms' or chemical changes when it comes into contact with technology and releases

There are Five different types of neurochemical into our body.

Serotonin :

This neurochemical release occurs when we are doing some creative work, interacting with someone and engaging in a task.


This chemical is a 'painkiller' for the human body.Generally, it is a useful neurochemical, but those targeted by others on the Internet can use it to their advantage.


This neurochemical has immediate benefits but is also an addiction.The use of technology to release this chemical is increasing.


It regulates our reaction to activities like neurochemical fighting and blowing, but it's also a mix of likes, pictures and social media.


This neurochemical stressor, sleep deprived, is considered to be very busy and weak.

Kang says 'Affordable technology includes everything that releases brain-enhancing serotonin, endorphin or oxytocin.'

Examples of well-established and genuine relationship-promoting apps are examples, but if you add a good amount of dopamine to your habit, it will make you addicted to social media.

She says, 'For example, there is a creative app and your child uses it to make movies.But imagine if he starts using this app for six or seven hours.'It's not a candy crush like junk technology that only releases dopamine, but you still have to be careful and set a limit.

On the contrary, we use junk technology only to 'destroy ourselves'.She compares it to eating junk food emotionally because “we do it under stress.” We worry about harmful health things


• because we enjoy the benefits of it, like porn.

• Addictive video games and hate speech like content, cyberbullying, gambling, slot machines.

Technology Diet:

Technology Diet: Dr Kang says that any healthy technology should stay away from toxins in a diet. But staying in moderation can be a bit enjoyable.We are all encouraged to refrain from processed foods and sweet drinks, but there is no point in eating pizza and popcorn with children on Friday nights.

Likewise there's no harm in scrolling on Instagram or playing video games occasionally.

Dr. Kang says, however, that if you have diabetes or may develop palsy, your medical recommendation for sugar will be a little harder than the general public.

For example, "if you are someone whose family is addicted to something or is having anxiety, depression or having time constraints, you have to worry because you Habits are potentially"

She says that especially children are very insecure and there is so much research that can identify children who have been victims of a problem online in advance

Digital Detox:

The world is gaining access to the Internet and the life of mobile phones is increasing but the day is constantly seeing resistance from one another's connected lives.and Artificial intelligence

Global World Index :

According to the Global World Index, seven out of every 10 Internet users in the US and UK have done 'digital dieting' or 'complete digital detox'.

This includes reducing the amount of time you spend online from closing a social media account, deleting apps.

Dr.Kang says :“Using technology, all other human needs should be taken into account."


We should sleep eight to nine hours each night, we should move our bodies two to three hours daily.You should go out of the house and bake the sun - although you are using the best technology but if you consider it an alternative to human history, then it is more than the limit.

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