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Apple Will Be Actively Targeting a Most Unusual Industry Very Soon

It will surely make you sweat up a storm.

It's no secret, in fact, that Apple's sweating up a storm currently given the dipping iPhone sales and heavy competition from other tech giants penetrating the latest innovations with gusto. We're looking at you, Amazon and Google. Heck, even Microsoft is doing their due diligence and taking appropriate steps to stay relevant in today's industry. But Apple? Talk about unexpected....

The Industry They Will Be Tackling Will be HEALTH AND WELLNESS

Ever heard of the Fitbit? Handy little wristwatch thingy. But it's not so much a watch as it is a monitor for your health, and we're seeing technological innovations pop up everywhere with the purpose to ensure you live longer and prosper like a Vulcan would. Knowing that, it makes sense that the enigma that is the Apple Watch seeks to do exactly the same thing with the help of smart technology, monitoring activity and heart rate in addition to acting as a wristband iPhone with all the requisite features.


Health management matters, essentially. It couldn't be simpler. For sure, Apple has the means and the creativity to make it work, no doubt. In fact, the latest Apple Watch version performs EKG readings with ease. If you fall by accident and hurt yourself somehow, the Apple Watch can also provide an immediate option to call emergency services.

To go one step further, Apple has partnered with Aetna, offering free or discounted Apple Watches along with the potential for private medicare plans for the elderly. After all, falling and knowing you can't get up will benefit from the age-old Life Call, the forefather of expert telecommunications for the elderly's health and wellness -- but the elderly may benefit even more from just one little Apple Watch!

It's All About Delivering in a Niche -- Do You Think Apple Has Something Going Here?

Because one thing's for sure: it looks like the trusty iPhone won't last much longer, at least as an innovation. It will be nothing more than just your regular smartphone. Feel free to chime in with your own thoughts and CREATE YOUR OWN VIGYAA ACCOUNT RIGHT NOW!

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Moreover API management tools characteristically permits for security policy definition and enforcement, like that of authentication and authorization of API customers. These can smother API calls and restrict the usage based on established SLAs and that of resource allocation agreements.

Healthy API

These days the IT Central Station users are looking forward to have a healthy API gateway that runs and manages transformation engines to modify any type of requests and responses in real-time. Report access, publishing tools, and that of usage policies and manages the life cycle of the concept of API.

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It might also interest you that IT Central Station users wish to have the ease of use in API Management to monitor such security gateways against antagonistic attacks. Aspects most important to IT encompass API Security, Directory Authentication, Life Cycle Management, Deployment Management, and even that of Service Registry, discovery and a repository. There has to be built-in API Aggregation, Mobile Optimization, Traffic Management, HTTP Acceleration, and also Data Caching.

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