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5G Mobile Technology Getting Competitive Thanks to Germany Bid

You're witnessing arguably the largest "auction" in history.

Seems like everyone's scrambling for the next big thing in mobile technology these days. Can you blame everyone? This has expanded to countries clambering for what could be considered something astronomical making this whole 4G LTE thing minuscule in comparison. What's funny is we've been dealing with 4G for quite a few years now, much more than before with 3G, and honestly many are perfectly fine with the technology.

Clearly Many Are Now Ready for Something Bigger and Better -- and That's Where 5G Comes In


It is the wave of the future for mobile technology -- touted as being more than 100 times faster than 4G, this could even wipe out current wireless technology off the face of the earth. You no longer would need a network in proximity to stream all the Netflix you want, nor would you have to worry about waiting more than five minutes to download the latest YouTube video.

5G makes it possible, and it looks like the country of Germany wants it bad.

Reuters reported that the country's big for auction to mass-install the newest technology saw heavy competition especially given maverick tycoon Ralph Dommermuth in the running as fourth operator in Europe's largest economy. Raising 314 million euros (that's $357MM) for the bid, and now competition's cutthroat to come in first for the enterprising 5G transition even though as we speak Verizon's testing it out in certain U.S. cities.

Of course, Dommermuth isn't the only operator bidding in Germany -- Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone and Telefonica Deutschland also have submitted some opening bids only for blocks they're interested in. Integration and transition's rapidly working as we speak.

This may prove difficult, however, as now the four firms compete for spectrum among 2 GHz and 3.6 GHz bandwidths, but in general consumers benefit regardless. As auction rounds continued to see some wicked duels, prices solidified down to the 17MM to 5MM euro range, but what do you expect? Consumers want what they want, and if providers can't provide it, they're left behind in an industry rapidly evolving.

Of Course, Certain Regulations Were Brought In Regarding 5G


To ensure that this definitely wasn't a free-for-all, Germany made it a point to impose tighter compliance requirements for vendors, leveling the playing field. As competitive as it is, it must play nice with a focus on the consumer. It's the consumer that benefits from the technology. Providers simply reap the benefit of offering it and achieving revenues and profit.

Without a doubt, 5G is going to explode in a big way. Our smartphones may just be the next big thing even as Apple continues to phase them out a bit, right? What do you think? SIGN UP FOR A VIGYAA ACCOUNT AND START WRITING RIGHT NOW and also CHECK OUT THE DATA DRIVEN INVESTOR FOR MORE INSIGHTS!

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Author Bio:

Ashish Roy

Since founding a Raleigh SEO Company Cibirix, Ashish has used his marketing knowledge to lead the agency in generating truly efficient digital marketing experiences for clients. He has more than 15 years of experience in digital marketing and loves to write about different types of content in the industry.

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