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3 Updates on 5G Mobile Technology You HAVE to Check Out Before It's Too Late

The next wave of mobile networking is upon us!

It's shocking that we're already that close to experiencing everything from phones streaming swiftly while on a train to laptops and tablets doing video calls without hiccups or freezing. 5G is where it's at. To think we were good with 4G, and the current technology did just fine for our purposes, making 3G and dial-up look about as ancient as AOL. However, you do need to be in on the times and trends of the latest innovation in mobile technology, no doubt -- because while you know that it's coming, you also don't know how fast, and where.

Here's Where You Get the Good Information on 5G Mobile Technology, so Take Some Notes, Please


To get the gravity of how the world is transitioning, just check all of this out right now. It'll blow your mind. Starting with....

Italy's Move on 5G Mobile Technology

When you think about it, this is utterly mind-blowing. It used to be that mobile technology was more or less centralized within the hubs of technological advancement, mainly in the United States and China. Not so anymore. The entire world is getting involved, and Italy's one of the biggest players. Read this.

What About Germany, Though?

Glad you asked. Deutschland isn't too shabby either. Lately the country's become quite the hub all its own when it comes to start-ups, technological advances and more. A lot is happening there that may turn your heads, but you won't know unless you check out this article right now.

And, Lastly, a Little-Known Company Called....VERIZON WIRELESS

Yes, one of the leading providers in mobile technology (and more). Shouldn't come as a surprise, but just what (and where) is Verizon planning on making their move (if they haven't done so already) regarding 5G? You just have to click here and find out for yourself now, won't you?

And That's Just the Beginning for 5G Mobile Technology


Everyone, after all, is saying that this updated technology for mobile will be anywhere between 20 to 100 times or more faster than 4G and 4G LTE. For those of us who thought 4G was okay for our needs, this blows everything out of the water, and when you put it all in perspective, you're talking about the ability to stream in areas that typically wouldn't be so effective, or streaming and video calling within a wireless network already saturated with your brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, cousins and parents doing exactly the same in your mansion. We may be able to do anything and everything we want simultaneously with everyone else in their own rooms, bathrooms, living rooms and kitchens, with superior internet connectivity, and not ever experience lag, slowdown or buffering at all.

....That's heavy.

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