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3 Top Trends Tying Technology to the Employment Market

That may be a lot of "T's" there, but if you do focus on them, you'll see a lot of $, too!

Is it any wonder that technology does its thing in any market? Surprisingly, though, no one would've guessed just how lucrative technology would make the employment industry -- of all things. After all....



Everyone Thinks Technology Will Actually Take Away Jobs, Not Make Them

It's understandable. The hype behind technology is such that it's an innovation boasting automation and convenience, something the human race tends to value a lot these days. The problem with those aspects is just how it somehow manages to tie our hands behind our backs and make it so we don't have to do anything. We sit back and let the machines do the work for us.

Therefore that paints technology in a bad light, and not everyone wants everything from the blockchain to even smart cars (or, better yet, smart cities).

Here are three reasons, though, why we're all wrong about technology:

Just Take a Good Look at the Millennial

They're the newest generation (even though we're also looking at Gen Z'ers today). Because technology is so ingrained in their psyches, there's no doubt that the millennial plays a massive role in how the employment market evolves. Read about it right here.

And What About Malaysia? What Are They Talking About?

A lot of things, actually. Keep in mind that places over there stand as central hubs for technological development. They hold the keys and push all the buttons about what the world's going to see as far as technological advancement related to everything from education to employment. Here's what they have to say about it.

And They're Also Saying a Lot About These Three Emerging Technologies....

And here's why you should also say the same thing -- and then learn all of it, so you can stay relevant in today's job market. Want to know what those technologies are?



It Seems Pretty Clear Over Here on What's Happening

What's happening? Simply put, the technology industry seems to be calling a lot of the shots when it comes to money. Livelihood. Living. That should mean you need to read up on all the trends. Stay relevant. Get the memo and convert even. In fact, if you, yourself, have a lot to say about this industry, YOU SHOULD SIGN UP FOR A FREE VIGYAA ACCOUNT AND START WRITING RIGHT NOW!

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