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3 Main Reasons Why AI Technology Shouldn't Be a Religion

Just ask the Pope about it. And the President of Microsoft.

After all, those two moguls on opposite ends of the spectrum did speak about the relevancy of AI technology at length, which should tell you something: artificial intelligence is an important subject. Think about it. You have the leader of Catholicism himself sitting down with Microsoft President Brad Smith to talk about learning robots and the prospect of machines essentially "taking over the world." Well, not really! But pretty close.

The Fact Is Many Are Concerned That AI Technology Might Go Too Far in a Lot of Ways

Microsoft President and Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith meets with Pope Francis at Saint Martha's House at the Vatican, February 13, 2019. Vatican Media/Handout via REUTERS

It's actually been discussed before, so this most recent meeting between Pope Francis and the head of the global tech giant of the decade isn't anything new. However, salient points brought up and all, it gives rise to what we should think about regarding artificial intelligence that potentially no one has ever thought about:

For Starters, the Concept That AI Technology Seems to Cater to the Upper Class

That applies to big business and corporate America as well. Innovative tech seems to always fall a lot easier into the hands of those with the moolah to spend, leaving behind the less fortunate. And that's one thing for sure, about religion: we're always talking about the less fortunate. It's a point religion brings up that shows technology shouldn't ever be deified.

Lest We Increase the Digital Divide More Between the Rich and Poor

The Pope, of course, spoke of how important it is to bridge that gap. The poorer nations don't seem to have access to those technologies. There's positive outlook, though, that both the President and the Pope did discuss "artificial intelligence at the service of the common good and activities aimed at bridging the digital divide that still persists at the global level."

In essence, AI technology deserves to be accessible for everyone

Except Those Who Would Leverage the Technology for the Wrong Reasons

Namely criminals. Hackers. Cyber-terrorists. You'd bet both were on board with the fact that "strong ethical and new, evolved laws" were very necessary in ensuring artificial intelligence not only remains accessible, but protected.

At the Heart of It All, Artificial Intelligence Shouldn't Be Worshiped Especially for That Reason


In fact, the Vatican plans on sponsoring a prize with Microsoft in favor of the best doctoral dissertation of the year with probably the most talked-about theme today: artificial intelligence at the service of human life. The keyword: service.

What do you think? Should we trust artificial intelligence? Or are we preparing for a mass dystopia of merciless machines? SIGN UP FOR A FREE VIGYAA ACCOUNT AND WRITE OUT YOUR OWN THOUGHTS!

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