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How to Wear Velvet Jackets

The velvet jacket is having a ‘moment’. But isn’t meant to be a sartorial staple in the men’s style canon

Velvet jackets are trending on top for men because you can wear it as a coat and on shalwar kameez. You all know what basics professional men are supposed to have in their closets, but if you’re buying one for the first time or replacing the one you’ve worn into the ground, it can be a pain to find exactly the right incarnation in stores.

The velvet jacket is having a ‘moment’. But isn’t meant to be a sartorial staple in the men’s style canon. That’s great news, meaning you get to have fun with it; experimenting with a soft-touch fabric that doesn’t normally feature on your torso. Before wearing Jackets for men have some precautions that how to wear them without being awkward and stylish.

1. Choose the right color

Dark and bright colors are the safest and perfect. For example navy to moss, claret, maroon, and deep purple. Generally people’s favorite is a slightly brighter blue. Not electric blue, because it still needs to look like you put some thought into it, but a tone lighter than navy that will catch the light and grab some attention.

2. Match the jacket to the occasion

Wear velvet jackets occasion vise. Any velvet jacket for man is not always a tie black in color according to the rules, but it depends if you care about the rules. If you wear it with black trousers, white shirt, and a bow tie, it'll suitable for almost any occasion. But you also wear these jackets for more casual evening wear. A good pair of dark color trousers or even dark-colored jeans, white open-collar shirt and a velvet jacket will make you a good look for most dinners or parties.

3. Rules

There are no particular rules... well, maybe there's one or two bits of advice.

1. There are almost velvet blazers are peak lapels available. Some are covered in contrast fabrics and color such as silk, Petersham and some are self-cloth.

2. If you want a perfect Look, velvet cover buttons are in fashion. Single breasted with two buttons would suit, but even a double-breasted fit will look good.

3. Jackets can come with jet pockets with or without flaps, and the vent can be in the center or the side.

4. There is one rule though but never wears a velvet jacket in the daytime. It will make you look awkward.

Velvet jackets style.

1.Velvet Shawl Collar

These jackets help you look slimmer.

2.Plain dinner jacket

Make your stylish wardrobe update for special occasions.

3. Slim-Fit Velvet Jacket

If you want to nail a modern twist to formal dinner wear, so it is perfect for you.

All these jackets can easily available in every online shopping stores in Pakistan with a wide variety of styles and colors at a very reasonable price. These jackets are trendy in winters, especially in wedding occasions. 

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