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How to Eat Healthy to Stay Healthy

No one wants to get sick, and one of the best ways to prevent illness is by eating well to help keep your body healthy.

No one wants to get sick, and one of the best ways to prevent illness is by eating well to help keep your body healthy.


Here are a few healthy foods to consider incorporating into your diet to try to prevent illness:

Berries Berries are a great superfood full of fiber so they’ll help keep your digestive system regular.

Oranges – As you may know, oranges are full of vitamin C, which is an important nutrient for those who feel as though they're starting to get sick.


Not a fan of oranges? Consider taking vitamin C vitamins to support your immune system and help keep unwanted sicknesses away.

Greek yogurt – Greek yogurt is much healthier than traditional yogurt, as it’s packed with more protein and sickness-fighting probiotics.

According to the Korean Journal of Family Medicine, researchers found that those who eat probiotics each day have a lower risk for catching a cold than those who didn’t eat foods rich in probiotics.

Tomatoes – Similar to oranges, tomatoes have a high concentration of vitamin C which can help boost your immune system and prevent sickness. Research also shows that vitamin C deficiency leads to a weaker immune system. With this, people have a harder time fighting off disease-causing pathogens.

Water – While water isn’t a food, it’s an essential ingredient to a healthy lifestyle. Try to drink at least eight glasses of water each day to remain hydrated and loosen up mucus.


Broccoli – Studies have shown that sulforaphane found in broccoli can turn on antioxidant genes in immune cells which help keep you from getting sick. Sulforaphanes are also anti-cancer agents.

Ginger – Ginger is often recommended as a bath since it helps increase sweat production. People can then sweat out toxins. In addition, it’s been shown to reduce nausea and vomiting, which is helpful to have around if you already have the flu.

Don’t mind ginger tea? The anti-inflammatory properties can play a major role in helping your immunity and preventing a cold or flu.

Red bell peppers – These are another great food that’s full of vitamin C. A half cup of raw red peppers has about 142 mg of vitamin C, and the FDA-recommended daily amount is 90mg.

Green tea – This also isn’t a food, but is rich in polyphenols (plant antioxidants) which can help protect us against a cold or the flu.


As mentioned previously, if you don’t like some of these foods, you might consider taking daily vitamins such as probiotics, vitamin C, echinacea, zinc, vitamin D, etc.

In addition to helping prevent illnesses such as the common cold or the flu, eating a healthy, well-balanced diet also helps people control weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, etc.

Are you eating a healthy diet? Are there any of these foods you might consider incorporating into your diet to help ward off diseases and to start your journey to a healthier lifestyle?

We wish you luck in your health journey! 

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Cottages have been used for inhabitance of the people for centuries. People like to live in them since they are very stylish and close to nature. The interior design of the cottages has always been different from the rest of the houses.

Cottage styled interior is loved by everyone and the cottage interior designs offers are the most perfect one. Because they have been developed by keeping every nitty-gritty in view. You can also improve Your Office & Home with Curtains Dubai. So, if you are going to get a cottage styled cozy interior for yourself. Then be ready because it requires a lot of work and concentration.

This uniqueness compels the people to design their house interiors as the same as that of the cottages. If you want this to happen then it is not a difficult task to perform. A person can easily get his house designed in a cottage style with the help of a professional and experienced interior designer.

What are the factors that play a vital role in the interior of the cottage:

There are some major factors that are considered to play a vital role in the interior of the cottages. All of these factors are listed below:

• Since the cottages are meant for comfort that is the reason it should be ensured that the interior of your place is extremely comfortable. If we start from the colors or the paints on the wall to the wood panels installed. Everything should comfort the eyes of the person who wants to live there.

• The design must ensure that almost every niche of the house is made of use and nothing remains empty.

• The painted or covered wooden floors are also a part of the cottage designs. If we extend these woods on the wall, then they provide a more elegant and cozier look.

• To provide the cottage styled designing then it is essential that the bedside paneling is carried out.

Making your cottage more comfortable should be your first priority:

Comfort is the first priority of every person and that is the reason why we should ensure that the interior of our design is comfortable for inhabitance or otherwise there is no point of living there if the comfort is subtracted from the equation. In the interior design of the place, you must try to ensure the installation of the accessories and furniture items in such a way that they make you feel in heaven.

How to design the walls of the cottages:

The walls of the cottage play a vital role in the design and they must be designed in such a manner that all of the sturdiness remains and the colors of the wood panels on the walls make them brighter that feel so amazing that it takes the breaths away of the spectators. To avoid the wooden panels applied on the wall get bent or dented we must ensure that the quality of the wood panel is up to the mark. If not, then it will be havoc for both the beauty and the strength of the house. Secondly, the method of the installation of these wooden panels is also of utmost importance.

How to manage the cottage according to the climatic conditions mainly the temperature:

The climate is what effects the most. Many houses and cottages have been destroyed by extreme climatic conditions such as rainstorms and floods etc. so designing the house or cottage in such a way that it can resist the climatic factors can be of extreme importance. The house should be painted with a quality enamel that should protect it from the harms of the rainfall and other climatic factors.

What are the materials that should be used in the cottage styled interior designing:

The materials that should be used in the cottage styled interior designing are the main factors that will give your place a cottage styled look. These materials are mentioned below:

• The walls in the start must be painted with a neutral color. Because the contrast of the walls made up of wood and light paints is extremely beautiful. Sometimes the darker colors can ruin the walls.

• The designing must be carried out by using the traditional and artistic masterpieces to decorate the place. This will give it a vintage style and a cottage look.

• Wood is the most common feature of any cottage so getting more and more wooden objects installed in the house will help you enhance the cottage style of the place. Especially the furniture should be made up of wood.

• The last thing is your decoration skills. With the help of these kills, you can ensure that your place stands out in all the other places in the world.

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For some folks, a definitive warm-climate hairdo looks something like the late spring wedding haircutOpens in another Window. — adaptable enough to go from function to grill. At that point there's the other camp: The folks who feel that first warmth wave and break out the scissors. If you want best and smooth experience for shaving your head so then you have to go for a head shaver.

For whatever length of time that you're going into it with a strategy, the tennis-ball course is one serious parcel less expensive than visiting a hair stylist. Tony DeAngelis, ace hair stylist and co-proprietor of Blue and BlackOpens in another Window. in Brooklyn, says the style is do-capable for most folks. "I think the hummed or uncovered look is extraordinary," he says. "It's perfect, constantly expert, and looks great on many individuals. For a person who is wavering to pull the trigger, I state simply take the plunge."

In the event that you burrow the edited look, you can cause this the season you to stay away from the hairdresser seat. Here's the ticket.

DeAngelis suggests a scissors, not a trimmer, while attempting a buzz cut. Hairdressers use scissors with solid engines to deal with consistent use, however for one person, a mid-run scissors made by Wahl, Oster, or Andis works fine. Simply ensure the connection is a "3" (that is 3/8 inch) or lower. Anything more than "3" escapes buzz an area.

A sufficiently bright region with mirrors is an absolute necessity, so do this in the washroom. Snatch an additional hand-held mirror, as well, to assist you with seeing the back of your head, and haul out the vacuum for cleanup later. Ensure your hair is spotless and dry before beginning, and in case you're shaking a long mane, hack it down with scissors first. Note: numerous scissors have a switch as an afterthought that controls sharp edge dispersing. At the point when the switch's shut, the shave will be nearer. It's ideal to begin with an open switch for more squirm room.

Start with the sides. Find the spot where you need your sideburn to start (mid-ear is a decent wagered for most folks). Stretch the skin on your head rigid to get a smooth, even surface, and move the scissors contrary to what would be expected — almost in every case straight up. "On the off chance that you do it with the grain, you will have a great deal of stray hairs standing up before the finish of the trim," DeAngelis says. Different goes with the scissors ought to reduce this issue, yet running a fine-tooth go over crisply hummed hair can uncover runaway hairs, as well.

Pursue the south-to-north example on the two sides of the head. From the highest point of your temple, buzz straight back. DeAngelis says it's fine to buzz in long strips, yard cutter style, however that shorter, back to back strokes work, as well. In any case, go over each spot more than once to get any hairs that were setting down on the first go.

The back of the head is the place the procedure gets precarious. Buzz from base to top, as you did on the sides, yet check the course of your hair development. "On the top-back of the head for most folks, the hair sort of joins and does this little winding," DeAngelis says. "You'll need to circumvent that whirl with the scissors and hit it from each point."

Winding in any case, nailing your neck area alone is an extreme employment, and this is the place the hand reflect turns into your closest companion. Stand confronting endlessly from the mirror, at that point hold up the hand reflect so you can see your common neck area. Beginning close to the base, acquire the scissors a descending movement, gradually and with short strokes. When all the hair is hummed, utilize a security razor to tidy up any strays. Once more, shave in a descending movement with the neck area as opposed to endeavoring a fresh yet-testing flat line. "Going for a straight line is simply too hard for somebody styling their own hair," DeAngelis says.

A couple of words on your facial hair, on the off chance that you have one: No compelling reason to make it coordinate your hair length — fellows like Tim Howard have made the short-hair, long-whiskers style cool. Be that as it may, it's imperative to mix the buzz into the sideburns. Utilizing a size four (or higher) scissors connection, buzz down the sideburn until you arrive at a spot even with your ear cartilage (ensure the switch is open now). At that point turn and buzz the contrary way, gradually shutting the switch as you go to mix the more extended sideburn toward the edited hair.

DeAngelis demands that with regards to styling, staying with one length is most straightforward. Be that as it may, the switch on the scissors can include some variety. Leave it open on the top and shut on the sides for an unobtrusive, longer-on-top look. Avoid extravagant methods, however. "I truly wouldn't prescribe blurring it yourself," DeAngelis says. "It's not really that simple. Leave that to experts."

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