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The name of your guardian angel

Angels are spiritual beings without bodies

Our guardian angels have names, but they are given from above

The name has some power over another person. For example, if I know your name, I can call you whenever I want, and I can feel some power over you.

Meanwhile, we have no power over our guardian angels. They obey only one commander: God Himself. We can ask for help or ask for advice.

But we should not treat them in such a way that they come to us on our first call and on our first request.

Based on your date of birth, you can find out the age and gender of your patron, his character and name, and connect to the divine being. This information is useful for everyone. However, it is very easy to make a mistake. Luckily you can turn to the specialists, some of them even offer free angel reading

It is important to know which tips warn us about future events.

Under the constant influence of news, advertisements, and under the influence of various media, modern man has lost valuable skills, information that our ancestors have gathered from the reality around him.

You can constantly track numbers and number combinations. And that is no accident. Previously, many esoterics and soothsayers stated that every number contains important information. People often do not care that their watches often show the same number, and at different times.

For example, number 808, the material, through its fullness, attains the spiritual perception of the surrounding world and the aspects of perception in you. This number is the symbol for the completeness of the folded space. This is a model of the cosmic snail of universe formation, inside which is the mind of the thin body. Such a snail is constantly growing and changing the space less through more, without losing information about their experiences.

But the number 919 the number of the teacher for the transformation of the old matter into a new one and the construction of the body of the future birth. When you see the number 919, try to understand the subtle and not concentrate on the rough material. Listen to music, read poems, show subtle images in your consciousness.

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