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Important Safe Driving Ways You Need to Know

We should ensure that our customers drive as safely as possible. Here are few vital safe driving tips to keep you & your valuable cargo safe during the traveling on the road.

You should focus on the driving, don’t need to try multiple task during you are behind the wheel. If you consider yourself very expert at eating a burger while driving, this is a distraction. Put all electronics away, and make sure to get any directions required ahead of time. Here are some ways to prevent distracted driving.


Be Aware

Keep around a three to four second place your order among you and the PCO Car Rental in front of you & maintain a safe following distance. This should permit for enough time for you to brake to a stop if necessary. If there is bad weather, consider a longer allotted time among you and the car in front of you.

Plan and don’t Rush

If you are going on a road trip, get an idea of any stops you’ll create on the way to your destination (e.g. food, gas, or phone calls). Always make any adjustments to your mirror, climate controls & seat before putting your car in drive.

Keep Everything Secured

Don’t try and reach for any items that fall on the floor during driving, just wait until you are to your destination to retrieve the item. If you do require any items, like a toll pass or parking pass, put them in an easy to reach at your place.

Don’t Skimp on Maintenance

Have your routine reviews to take care of any problems with your vehicle. Check your tire pressure regularly to avoid flats or blowouts & pay attention to your car’s brakes (if anything sounds off, here’s what to do). If you sign any abnormalities have them checked out by a mechanic.

Pack an Emergency Kit

Just in case you are in an emergency, have a first-aid kit handy & road flares, jumper cables, flashlight with extra batteries, and drinking water. Keep a phone full charger in your car in case you require to dial 911 or roadside assistance.

Safe Driving is Priority on Road

If you are a customer and an accident does happen, follow these guidelines. If you require roadside assistance & have it included in your policy, you can request roadside assistance with the app or your dashboard. We’ll do everything we can to get you back on the road as quickly & safely as possible.

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Personal loans are unsecured offerings by banks and NBFCs and can be a handy tool in your times of dire financial needs. There is so much being said about personal loans. Still, people in India do not know everything. One of the most common aspects that people are still unaware of is the things that can affect your personal loan interest rates.

While applying for a financing alternative, one would love to get low-interest personal loans. However, since borrowers are unaware of the factors that can affect it, they are unable to control the rates offered.


For this, the ideal solution is to learn about things impacting a personal loan interest rate. In this article, we will share with you the six key factors. Continue reading.

1. Income Level

The first on our list of factors that affect personal loan interest rate is your income level. If you have a low-income level, then it is almost impossible for you to get low-interest personal loans. However, if your income level is more than average, then it becomes comparatively easier for you to bargain for a better interest rate. You can use a personal loan EMI calculator to know about your monthly EMIs.

2. Repayment history

The next thing that can have a direct link to your personal loan interest rate is your repayment history. If you have borrowed funds in the past which have not been paid on time, then this can be mentioned in your track record. It will make financing agencies consider your transaction as a comparatively risky one, which is why they will be prone to increasing your personal loan interest rate.

3. Defaults

In case you have failed to pay your dues in the past, then that too can be a reason why you won't get low-interest personal loans. Defaults can be one of the biggest drawbacks when it comes to the interest percentage on a personal loan. Therefore, it is always recommended that you pay all your dues on time and never skip on any.

4. Credit Score

A CIBIL or Credit Score is a ranking that allows financing companies to gauge your profile as a potential borrower. Based on this particular rating, they can decide whether to offer you low-interest personal loans or higher one. Hence, maintaining a Credit Score of more than 750 is always recommended.

5. Relationship with bank

Even though this might not be directly connected to the interest rate of your personal loan, it can still have a great impact. If you are a customer of a particular bank for many years and have a good relationship with the organization, then they will be able to accommodate your request for low-interest personal loans. Besides, they will even be able to give you other facilities like a flexible tenure or a floating interest rate.

6. Organizations’ reputation

Lastly, if you are an entrepreneur or a self-employed individual, then your organizations’ reputation also has a relationship with the personal loan interest rate that you receive. In other words, if you have a bad market reputation of not paying your suppliers or something similar, then it can take a toll on your personal loan interest rate.

NBFCs provides borrowers with pre-approved deals for services like personal loan, home loan, business loan, and much more. These deals can cut down the loan processing time in half and make it hassle-free.

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