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Top 10 Web Design Tips To Get The Ideal Website!

Web designing is not an easy to learn kind of a job and it can take a lot of years to master this type of design science


Web designing is not an easy to learn kind of a job and it can take a lot of years to master this type of design science. The mastery of web designing is not limited to just understanding the techniques of design and having the skills that are needed to operate the related software. Web designers need to keep their eyes open and have a look that the ongoing trends in design in order to create effective designs. This means they need to keep learning new trends and designing tips in order to be the master of web designing.

Web designing is what every business’s online status and reputation relies on. This is why businesses need to pay attention to it in order have a successful online appearance. Every business owner and the management team should know about the basics of web designing so that it will be easy for them to convey to the design agencies they are hiring what exactly they want in their website. This blog is to give our readers an idea about the basics of web designing. Let us begin with a detailed review of how a good web design should be composed.

1. Do not Over-Facilitate

Businesses often want to provide their audience with a number of features in order to help them have all the required information about the business just at a click’s distance. However, you need to understand that a cluttered screen could be highly overwhelming for the audience, leading them to leave the website in frustration. Also, too many options create a distracting web page where the audience cannot decide at what option they should click. So, the first point you must keep in your mind is that you should not try to over-facilitate your audience at the very first page of the website. Put limited elements on each page and make sure the page does not look cluttered or overwhelming.

2. Design Clarity

It is not just about clearing out side bars and limiting the pull-out options. Design clarity is more than this. You need to use appropriate color schemes and fonts in order to create a design that would not overwhelm the audience. It is recommended to use spacious background with solid and plain colors, preferably white or light shades of grey. Also, the text that you include should have a font style that is readable and clear. The size of the font should be according to how much importance you choose to give to a text. These things clarify the web page and make them look decent and focused.

3. Direct your audience By Creating Optical Hierarchy

As we discussed above, the more important information should be given priority in design by writing them in a more highlighting font size. Similarly, there are many other options that can make a piece of information appear more important than the other information present on the screen. You can use a certain way of placing information on the screen in order to make a visual hierarchy. The visual hierarchy will help your audience perceive you in a better way and deliver the information more effective. Color tones, placements, images, titles, font styles, font size and many other elements can help you design an optical hierarchy. Use them to create a perfect web design.

4. Color Strategies

Know that you cannot choose random colors of your choice in order to design a web site in a perfect way. There is a whole theory behind the use of colors in designing. Marketers and designers are often well aware of color theories. However, businesses should also know about them as colors are the loudest communication tool in the design strategy. You need to understand that colors do convey your messages and the brand image that you want to portray more effectively than any other design element. Choosing a fiery red when your business is all about decency and archaic values would be an extremely wrong decision and make you lose your potential audience. Similarly a dull grey is not good for depicting an energetic and extravagant business entity. So it is good to know about the meanings of the colors in order to choose the right color hues for the web design.

5. Good Quality Images

Many businesses choose to use real life images in their web design and that is not always a bad idea. However, it is important to use images that will formulate the right kind of environment for the audience. You need to use a good quality image in order to make sure your website does not look low quality. Furthermore, many experts do not recommend images to be used as a website background because they can slowdown the website. Images take more time in downloading and that can affect the user experience. However, photography can be a great brand building tool so using it in a right way can boost up the identity of your brand.

6. Typography

Typography plays a vital role in making a website functional. It is not only the font style and the size of the text that matters. The content that you put on the site also contributes to the identity of the brand as well as the quality of experience your audience have. So be sure that you write a content that is understandable, high in quality, and directs the readers in the right direction.

This is all, the basics of web designing are being covered in the blog. However, you need not just to be aware of these points, but also know how to communicate with your designer in order to let him know what you want. Speak with clarity and tell them about your business and potential audience in detail so that they would know what will suit your website best. Also, do a good research on your potential audience to know their values and mindset well and design your website accordingly.

Author Bio

Oscar Shepherd is a Creative Graphics & Logo Designer at London Logo Designs by his profession. He also use to write his opinions on multiple topics in order to guide people through his experience and also to spread his opinion so that people can share their thoughts and are also open for a discussion.

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