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Tobacco, Alcohol's effect on Male infertility

No doubt alcohol and tobacco can lead to many problems but not everyone aware of it. These both drugs affect fertility in males but they do not consider this as a serious concern. Well, in this article we are going to tell you how both these things affect fertility.

A healthy male produces sperms in millions each day. Although only a few sperm will reach the egg to get fertilized which will eventually result in forming an embryo. But, even if the man is producing sperm it can get difficult for the partner to get fertile and it might take more than a year to conceive. There are many cases in which sperm production declines because of overexposure to certain things.

We all know tobacco, drugs, and alcohol really affect the overall health of the person. Additionally, it also affects male fertility in a negative way. Men who are trying but getting unsuccessful results need to avoid certain things. Here we mentioned tobacco and alcohol effect on male infertility.

Tobacco and Male Infertility

Many studies have shown that tobacco affects the quality of semen and sperm. Once sperm health is affected and change in the hormone levels not only affect fertility in men. Studies which are connected to this topic are somewhat unclear. In case, if the fertility of men is already on the borderline then tobacco smoking can push it more towards infertility.

Actually, the toxins and harmful substances found in tobacco are the major cause for bad health. The body gets exposed to material like lead and cadmium. These metals have been found to decrease fertility in men. One study compared the fertile and non-fertile men which showed that lead level is more in person who uses tobacco. What actually can make a difference is you need to avoid its use to improve the chances. In addition, having a low level of zinc also leave a negative impact like poor sperm movement, shape, and concentration. It is clear that if you want to improve the fertility level then you have to avoid the use of tobacco or the products in which it is found.

If you are facing a problem conceiving then you should visit the best fertility specialist to get the infertility treatment. You can visit our hospital to get the treatment and consult the best IVF doctor.

Alcohol and Male Infertility

One study showed that people who smoke are between the ages of 18 to 28. moreover, it also showed that they drink at least 5 times per week. This really affects the sperm quantity in a negative way as well as its shape and movement.

Consuming alcohol in excess have shown a drastic change in the testosterone production and it can shrink the testicles also. The testosterone is involved in all the parts of the male reproductive process. The decrease in testosterone because of alcohol consumption can result in various side effects which definitely include infertility and impotence.

Some research has shown that the testosterone level remains low for many days even if men consume alcohol only once. This happens because the alcohol consumption results in eliminating the testosterone from the blood. It can even make the body to convert the testosterone into estrogen naturally. It is essential that men should have more testosterone in comparison to estrogen.

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