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Is it possible to start Family with Low Sperm Count?

NO doubt, low sperm count makes hinder in starting a family because it directly leads to infertility. But it is possible to start your family with the help of ICSI treatment.

Male fertility problems are on peak these days because of poor lifestyle and some other health conditions. Male infertility is explained as the inability to being a father or not able to enjoy the fatherhood due to some sexual health conditions such as low sperm count, poor sperm motility, and injuries to the penis. But, according to one research majority of people experience infertility problems due to low sperm count. It also reveals that some person doesn't even know how they experience this condition. In order to teach them, we make this content so that those people who are suffering from low sperm count can read it and try to get the best infertility treatment.

Let’s have a look at some terms related to low sperm count.

What the reasons which lead to low sperm count?

Here are several reasons why the majority of people encounter low sperm count condition. The main reason behind this is poor lifestyle habits such as smoking, not consuming a proper diet, and so on. Moreover, these conditions are not enough to explain the factors behind low sperm count but there are some other reasons, for example, overheating, excessive use of hot tubs, extreme intercourse, injury to your penis, being overweight, infection, and a certain type of medical conditions.

Is there any symptom and risk factor of a low sperm count?

Millions of people do not aware of this low sperm count problem, which is additionally named as Azoospermia. This is the medical name of this low sperm count condition. Moreover, millions of people actually don’t know what are the causes of this azoospermia condition. In order to know the reason behind this condition, you need to visit the doctor so that he can diagnose the problem and tell you what is the primary reason behind this condition. Actually, infertility is the main symptom of this condition. And many people asked us is it possible to start a family without a sperm count.

Let’s study this in the next passage.

How to start a Family with Low Sperm Count?

Yes, Of course, you can simply start your family with low sperm count. No worries! It is possible with the help of low sperm count treatment known as ICSI and IVF. These both techniques are the methods of ART technology, named as Assisted Reproductive technology.

In which ICSI treatment is known as Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection, which is specially designed for males with low sperm count. In this treatment, your surgeon directly injects the sperm cell injection into the mature egg of ladies for fertilization. This treatment is totally safe and secure method in order to enjoy the fatherhood.

Moreover, you have to also change your lifestyle and lifestyle habits as well because your lifestyle habits affect sperm count so much. If you are regular smoker then you have to quit smoking so that you can get rid of this azoospermia condition. You have to stick to a healthy diet as well. But you need to go through ICSI treatment which only gives you positive results.

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The food such as eggs, fish, meat, nuts and beans also keep the teeth strong and healthy

Vitamin C

The citrus fruit, tomatoes, broccoli, spinach, etc. contains Vitamin C which is helpful in keeping the gums healthy

Vitamin D

Vitamin D rich food such as Fatty fish, salmon, cheese, eggs yolk, etc. helps in re-mineralizing the enamel of the teeth

Make sure that you consume the nutrients as mentioned above in the right proportion to get all the nutrients important for your teeth.

Apart from this, the food that can prove to be the enemy of your teeth is sugar. Intaking excess sugar in any form can harm your teeth. They are the main reason for cavities in your mouth. They are responsible for creating acid in your mouth. Once the bacteria in your mouth come in contact with the acid created, then it will harm your teeth causing cavities which is basically a hole in your tooth. So make sure that you limit the intake of sugar in your diet to maintain the teeth.

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If you cannot resist snacking in between then go for a healthy alternative. Have fruits instead of chips, almonds instead of candies, even popcorns are a good alternative. You can also opt for cheese as an alternative for in between snacking.

And in case there is an urge to consume sugary food, then have it along with meals as a good amount of saliva is produced during the meals. This saliva washes food from the mouth and reduces the effect of acid in the mouth keeping your teeth and gums healthy.

Nutrient for Kids and Babies

Start paying attention to your toddlers eating habits. Make sure their diet includes all the nutrients and that they consume a well-balanced diet. Specific attention is required on calcium, phosphorous and fluoride.

Having healthy eating habits can protect your child from tooth decay and in addition to this, they will learn a healthy way of living which will eventually be beneficial for them in the long run.

Not only toddlers but the infant's habits are also to be taken care of. Do not pacify infants with juice or milk bottles. Sucking the bottles can contribute a lot to tooth decay.

In addition to all this, it is very important that you visit a dental clinic every six months. If you are confused as to which doctor to visit then search for a dentist near me options online can shortlist the dentist you wish to achieve.

Conclusion – A healthy diet, therefore, add on to various benefits and oral health is one of them. For healthy living, intake a healthy diet. 

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