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How to know When to approach Total Knee Replacement surgery?

In this guide we will discuss when the patient should approach the doctor for getting the surgery so the problem is treated at the right time and possible risk and complications can be avoided.

Knee replacement surgery is also referred to as knee arthroplasty. The surgery is very helpful in getting relief from pain and functioning is also restored. This is because the damaged or diseased part of the knee is removed.

During the knee replacement procedure, the part of the bone and cartilage which is damaged is removed from the thigh bone, shinbone, and kneecap. After that, it is replaced with an artificial joint which is made of high-grade plastic, metal, and polymer.

Before the surgery, ortho doctor will evaluate your condition for determining whether this treatment is right for you. The surgeon will check the stability, motion, and strength of the knee. Additionally, the doctor can also determine the damage by doing an X-Ray. The doctor will check various factors such as age, weight, knee size, activity level, and overall health. You need to understand the possible risk factors and complications which are involved with the surgery. The patient has to go through the long process of recovery and rehabilitation process.

Each year a lot of patients get the treatment to solve the issue they are facing. Moreover, every year the number of patients who get the treatment are increasing. Mostly the patients ask us when they should approach the doctor for the treatment. It can be your personal choice but you need to understand the entire scenario properly.

Mostly the patients avoid getting the surgery until the pain becomes unbearable and movement of the knee becomes less. Patients usually take time to think that they need surgery. No doubt, it is a big deal to undergo any type of surgery.

Firstly, we all hope that other treatment options will help to improve the knee performance and this might decrease the chances of getting the surgery.

Well, we do say it a wise option to choose other methods of treatment rather than directly going for surgery. You should start with changing the lifestyle habits, taking medications and injections, trying exercise, doing acupuncture, and trying surgical procedures such as arthroscopy. But, it might happen that even after trying all these options doctors will recommend you to undergo the surgery of total knee replacement. The orthopedic surgeon will also check your previous and recent medical reports to know the entire situation in a better way.

What will happen if you delay the surgery?

Some patients either delay or completely decline to get the procedure. If you are not aware that this thing can lead to serious complications.

Not getting the surgery means knee joint from outside can result in deformities, the ligaments and muscles will become weak or functioning is lost. In addition to this, the patient is not able to do his daily activities properly which also include driving, bathing, and walking. Eventually, it might happen that complications increase due to which surgery is the only effective option.

It will take longer to complete the surgery and anesthesia will be given for more time which is another risk. The patients who get the treatment at the right time will have a high success rate and their knee is also able to function effectively.

It would be best if you take the decision at right by consulting the doctor as their advice matter a lot for successful results.

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