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‘The World Is Designed To Depress Us!’


Is Your Ex Giving You False Hope?

September 5

Love Bombing: Are Some People Easy Targets For 'Love Bombers'?

August 23

How Deep Do You Want To Go?

August 16

Why Do Some People Fall Apart When A Relationship Comes To An End?

July 29

Dysfunctional Love: What Is Dysfunctional Love?

July 25

Social Media: Is It A Good For Someone To Compare Their Life With Others Online?

July 24

Child Abuse: Did Your Parents Make Out That You Were Perfect?

July 22

Are You Victimising Yourself?

July 19

“I’m Being Ignored!”

July 17

You Need To Learn How To Receive!

July 12

You Are Depressed Because Your Life Lacks Meaning!

July 11

Psychic Protection Is A Load Of Rubbish!

July 11

Don’t Waste Your Time Tearing People Down!

July 5

I Can’t Live Without You!

July 4

Are Your Possessions Holding You Back?

July 2

Why Do Some People Feel Responsible For Other People's Happiness?

June 12

What Is Inner Baby Work?

June 12

What Can Happen When Someone Disconnects From Their Anger?

June 12

Is Positive Thinking Dangerous?

June 10

Is the Mainstream Media Bad for People's Mental Health

June 6

Can Someone's Need to be Happy Cause Them Unhappy

June 6

Can Repression Cause Depression

June 6

How Should Someone Respond When Other People leave Negative Book Reviews?

May 28

Why Do Some People Judge Others Based on Their Star Sign?

May 28

You Need to Forgive Your Parents!

May 27

You Need To Stop Trying To Save/Rescue Others!

May 17

Emotional Eating: What Is Emotional Eating?

May 17

Do Some People's Childhoods Sets Them Up Disconnect From Their Emotional Self

May 15

Why Do Some Men Pull Away When Things Get Serious?

May 15

Why Do Some People Find It Hard To Surrender?

February 28