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Influential Women in the Blockchain Industry

A list of influential women to follow for thought leadership, news, and more in the blockchain space.

The old barrier of gender has been overcome. This can be seen clearly in the world of business where women and men share responsibilities and opportunities equally based on qualifications and not gender. In fact, in the development of the business industry, women have greatly contributed to its growth.

Every industry has its influential women. For instance, Julia Roberts, Anne Bancroft, and Jennifer Jones to mention just but a few are influential women in the film industry. Beyonce Knowles, Alicia Keys, Dolly Parton, and others are well-known figures that uplift the status of women in the music industry. There has always seemed to be a domination of men in the technology sector. From the boardrooms to conferences, seminars and other major functions in the blockchain industry, there has been a scarcity of women.

However, to say that there are no influential women in the blockchain industry would be a false claim. There are several women who are very active in various projects both in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries. As a matter of fact, “Some of the biggest ICOs, digital currency payment platforms, and even blockchain technology development firms have been founded by women.” These women are found in almost every sub-section of the industry.

The following is a list of some of the influential women in the blockchain industry.

1. Galia Benartzi


Galia Benartzi is the Co-Founder of Bancor. She is also the Head of Business Development for Bancor - a cryptocurrency firm. She is a well-renowned figure in the economics and business industry. As the head of the business development in the Bancor, its initial coin offering sold the highest of all time in the ICO presale. The Bancor ICO raised $153 million USD.

The main focus of Bancor is in the market exchange of crypto. Under the leadership of Galia, they are building a platform that is likely to make trading of various cryptocurrencies simple. One the features of Bancor is that it will allow its users to create tokens which can, in turn, be sold just like other popular tokens such as Litecoin, Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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2. Shadan Azali


Shadan is the Vice President to the Investor Relations of Dispatch Labs. Dispatch Labs is a blockchain protocol business that enables different industries to develop decentralized, secure and scalable P2P apps.

Before joining Dispatch Labs, Shadan was working as a philanthropy initiative at the Bank of America and Ally Bank. She is an influential figure in a section that is mostly dominated by men – finance and technology.

Shadan is opportunistic that, “the combination of more women stepping into leadership roles and the continual support and mentorship for young girls entering math and computer science programs will bring more opportunities for women in technology.”

3. Elizabeth Stark


Elizabeth is the Co-Founder of Lightning Labs. Lightning Labs is an open protocol layer that helps smart contracts and blockchain to make faster, cheap and private transactions to users globally.

Besides Lightning Labs, she is also a member of the Coin Center. This is an advocacy and non-profit organization that deals with the public policy issues of decentralized currencies such as Bitcoin, Monira, Ethereum, and others.

4. Paige Peterson


Paige works as a User Education and Communication at Zcash. Zcash is among the major open source crypto companies in the world today. She has been active in the cryptocurrency industry since 2013. She was among the team that planned for the Bitcoin SF community meet up in 2013.

Her major contribution to the blockchain industry is streamlining the outreach efforts and education of the common man who is interested in crypto and more especially in Zcash.

5. Rhian Lewis


Rhian is the Director of Salvia Media Services – a technology consultation company. She is also a co-founder and co-developer of countmycrypto – a cryptocurrency tracker portfolio. In addition to that, Rhian was the co-founder of London Bitcoin women group. This is a group that is focused on several technology companies such as COOs and CEOs.

Rhian is a renowned figure in the technology and engineering sectors. She has massive experience in these fields that help her to become a technology consultant.

6. Laura Shin


Laura is currently a blockchain Podcast Producer and a Crypto Journalist. She works with the Unchained, a San Francisco based company. She is a former Forbes senior editor but she has since shifted her focus as an independent crypto journalist. Due to her passion for the advancement of blockchain technology, she won the 2016 Blockchain Award for the most insightful journalist.

The main goal of Laura is to broadcast her blockchain knowledge to everyone interested in learning about blockchain. Through her podcasts on Unchained, she offers informative insights and news about blockchain.

7. Sally Eaves


Sally is a renowned Leader in emerging technologies such as blockchain, VR/AR, machine learning among others. She is also a Director of various other educational and research activities. Sally loves engaging young professionals in technology. This way, she imparts her knowledge and gives the youth opportunities in the emerging technologies to grow the industry.

Her major contribution to the blockchain industry is in the implementation, acceleration, and sustainability of blockchain to business growth. Sally is a role model to numerous young professionals in the blockchain industry.

8. Magdalena Isbrandt

Magdalena is the CEO and Founder of the House of Nakamoto. This is a retail store that is focused on blockchain and bitcoin. She is a well-renowned figure in Australia and beyond for her pioneering work and evangelism on the importance of blockchain. “Digital currencies are more than just a payment system; they embody the revolutionary idea that a decentralized currency should be possible without the influence of the state and banks” said Magdalena.

In conclusion, therefore, these women are just a fraction of many other influential women. They are making a significant impact in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries. In fact, they are making a way to help many more women to be involved in this industry. Just because currently the number of women in the technology world is low as compared to their male counterparts, it does not mean things will remain that way forever. Blockchain technology is likely to disrupt many more industries in the near future, and more women are likely to play a significant role in its development.

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