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Summer Hair Care Tips - How to Have a Gorgeous Head of Hair in Summer?

This is the season which requires an extra care for the hair as it becomes rough, dry and scalp seems to conceive dandruff.

Summer is no doubt a great time to be outdoors. On the other hand, it is also one of the roughest phases for hair care. This is the season which requires an extra care for the hair as it becomes rough, dry and scalp seems to conceive dandruff.

Due to excessive sweating, coupled with the build-up of sebum, the scalp becomes sticky, itchy and oily. Whether you are a man or a woman, this condition affects the members of both the genders alike. Are you plagued by such issues in summer? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Go ahead and read the article for trendy ideas of getting shining and healthy hair this summer.

Tip 1: Do not tie your hair in a tight manner. Keep your hair a bit loose, this helps to air out the hair locks without allowing sweat to accumulate in the hair. Anyway, loose buns are in trend and you will look great in summer.

Tip 2: Avoid washing your hair every alternate day during the summer season. Washing your hair frequently washes out the necessary oils which are required for naturally moisturizing your hair. Always make sure you use gentle, nourishing shampoos which are rich in SPF when you go for a hair wash in the summer season. Moreover, do not miss the use of conditioners as they are helpful in de-frizzing your hair in the humid season. If possible, go for great conditioning once every week.

Tip 3: For students and office goers, going outdoors on a daily basis is virtually unavoidable. So, it is impossible to avoid the sun in the summer season. However, there are ways to prevent the detrimental effects of ultraviolet rays on your hair by covering it. Make a point of covering your hair with a scarf or hat. Apart from protecting your hair from the damaging UV rays, it will also help to preserve the moisture of the hair. There is another great hack for managing hair during the summer season. Once you apply sunscreen on your face, run your fingers through the hair. This sunscreen lotion which is stuck to your hand will automatically rub off in your hair and this will prove to be a great protection from the scorching sun.

Tip 4: Summer season brings humidity which damages the roots of the hair. Make sure you take a hot oil therapy to nourish your hair all throughout the summer. After you are done with your hair wash, heat any natural oil. You may use coconut or olive oil and then gently apply it to the tips and rots of the hair. Your hair will become soft and get the healthier look back. Remember to not brush your hair instantly; use a wide-mouthed comb and subtly run it over your hair. These will not feel harsh and you can easily detangle your hair locks.

Tip 5: Your hair resembles your style and personality, so it is imperative that you incorporate a healthy diet along with daily exercise for adding a glossy finish to your hair.

Tip 6: Summer is the season where people sweat a lot. Therefore, taking frequent showers is commonplace. If you have this habit, consider having a shower filter which does not let any dirty particle enter your hair through the water.

Tip 7: Pollution is acting like a black magic for the hair and this is the last thing that you would wish to take stress for. As a matter of fact, stress causes hair loss, if you do not want to have unnecessary hair loss then try to cover your hair from polluted areas and avoid going to high polluting areas.

Additional Hacks on Summer Hair Care and Style

For people who require to move out of the house frequently, it is essential to carry a bottle of dry shampoo. In case you start feeling that your hair roots are getting greasy, enter a restroom and spray the dry shampoo all over the roots of the hair. This will instantly absorb up moisture and grease leaving the hair dry and fluffy.

Another valuable tip for those people who love hair styling is the minimum usage of heating hair styling equipment for the summer season. Style your hair in a general way as possible so that the hair area remains airy. A simple hack without heating style equipment for curls is applying sea salt spray for beach style waves. The more you stay away from Heat style, the more healthy will be your hair care. Now you can embrace the summer season with love. 

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