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Web Hosting: Linux Vs Windows

Web hosting is an important part of the web development process. It has a great impact on the search engine ranking as well as the quality of the website. The speed of the website mainly depends on the quality of web hosting you have selected for the website. Similarly, other effects of web hosting on the site include the availability of the site and the security. All three of the effects are quite important and cannot be overlooked at any cause.

For instance, the speed of the website makes the visitor stay or go away from the site, in the end, increasing the bounce rate. Second, comes, the availability. A poor quality web hosting can affect the availability and if the server goes down at the time of the user searching a query, your website will not appear in the results affecting its reach. Last, security. The data on the website can be hacked due to a poor hosting and therefore, you must not avoid the quality of hosting at all to ensure high performance of the site as well as the ranking.

The two major types of web hosting are Windows and Linux. If you are confused in what to choose from the two then go through the following comparison details.

Specific Applications

There are applications which require a specific type of server from the two.

ASP Classic, ASP.NET, MSSQL (Microsoft SQL Server), MS Access (Microsoft Access), Visual Basic Development, C#, and Remote Desktop (dedicated server only) require windows server. The servers dedicated for windows can also support additional windows applications. However, for some of the applications, one needs to buy the license and install software too on the windows server.

SSH and Scripts or applications that require specific Apache modules require a Linux server.

Control Panels

There are different panels for both the servers.

You can avail panel on all types of Linux servers including Linux Shared, VPS, Reseller, and Linux Dedicated Servers.

The Web Host Manager or WHM can be availed Linux VPS, Reseller and Dedicated Servers only.

Pesky is only available on the windows servers including shared and dedicated both.

File Names

A major difference between the two servers is that the Linux files are highly case sensitive, which is not the case with windows files. For example, home.html and Home.html are two completely different names in the case of Linux server. On the other hand, home.html or HOME.HTML or Home.html all are same names on a windows server.

Server Security

Many people find Linux hosting much more secure than the windows hosting but it is not true the security of the site completely depends on the setup of the servers and the administrators in charge of running the servers. Therefore, for high security, you must check the quality of the hosting provider and their reliability.

Web hosting must be carefully considered to ensure the high-quality performance of the site you are getting the hosting for. One thing which you can do to ensure quality can be to get the services from a good website hosting Pakistan – means a reliable and trustworthy hosting provider. If the provider of the hosting is not reliable and provides cheap services, then there is a high possibility of scammers to be sharing the same hosting with you which can negatively affect your website’s ranking and performance and can also be a great threat to the security of the site.

Research thoroughly while getting the hosting for your site to ensure scam free service – one which you don’t need to switch again and again and can be worked with for a long time period.

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