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My Idea of Spending a Happy Christmas Day

By remembering these memories one’s heart will fill with joy and happiness. My idea about a happy Christmas day is little bit different.

Everyone thinks to make his Christmas day happy and special as this day comes once in a year. People always try to collect memories on the day that can help them to cheer up in the time when sorrow and sadness would have covered them. I think that this day is specially meant to gather happiness by spreading happiness. You cannot remain happy if other people around you are not happy.

If you feel sorrows, grievances and sadness then you will be unable to make your Christmas day more charming and happy. Christmas has a great message of spreading happiness all around. So this message should always be kept in mind while celebrating Christmas.

I always think and try to make my Christmas day a little bit different. My preparation starts a months or two before. This preparation is as special for me as the day of Christmas. I have to gather some little items like candies, chocolates, presents specially made for kids on the eve of Christmas and above all some warm clothes for elders. When I complete my shopping I make little gifts pack. All this activity is time taken, so I started very earlier before Christmas.

On the day of Christmas I use to go church in the morning. After completing my prayer first of all I give these little presents to the team of children, present in the church for Christmas carols. Looking happiness on their face is a charming and pleasant scene for me.

The gifts pack of warm clothes, which I purchased for elders, is given to the old beggars who sat near the church or any stop in way of my house. When they wear those warm clothes in front of me, a sensational happiness is felt by me in my heart. I cannot express my feelings of that time.

As every one of us has made up his mind about celebrating a happy Christmas day with their near and dear ones. They should not forget the deserving and right persons on this beautiful eve. Those persons really need our attention, love, care and help. The main purpose of Christmas celebrations is not to merry making always.

In fact it is the day of acting upon the advice of God. He really wants us to help His needy and poor people. As God has blessed us with everything in this universe. Then it is our moral duty to help those who do not have all the blessings of the world. They will feel really very happy and will pray for us also.

We often see people around us who have all the blessings of the world. Even then they do not consider helping others. Although they can do that. They even do not feel the depth of worry or sadness one can have because of any reason. Some people are grieved because they have lost someone special in their lives forever. Some are sad because they do not have anything to celebrate the eve of Christmas.

I saw many people who even do not have the shelter to protect themselves, food to fill their empty tummy, clothes to wear and warm fireplace to sit around while resting all the Christmas. They do not have holidays even.

They have to work a lot even on the beautiful day of Christmas. Because if they will not do work, they will have nothing to eat in the evening. Such people need our attention and help. It becomes our moral duty to help them out.

There are many old age people who have been left alone in the old age homes. People once leave their elder ones there and forget about them. They even do not bother to visit them on the eve of Christmas.

How can they celebrate the Christmas then? Although the management of these homes try their best to arrange a happy Christmas day for them. But they cannot fulfill the room left because of the absence of their dear ones. Such people also need our special attention and care.

There are a lot of worries around us. On the beautiful eve of Christmas we should try to cover some of them by taking active part in social service.

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The writing was merely considered to be a hobby in the old times. It was just an idea to be creative with your thoughts and bringing the ideas to paper through words. People never thought that writing can become a career. But then things turned around in the world and writing became a professional career. One of the areas of this professional careers is ghostwriting. Ghosting and writing to be combined became the area where writers could make their writing skills to become their source of income. Ghostwriting is the idea where writer usually works on the ideas of others and the credits are given to others as well. The only thing that they get is making love with the art of writing and a fair amount of money. Well, but ghostwriting could be of different types and you can choose it with the thing that you love writing.

1. Autobiographies

The title of this category clearly states that this book is about the author. The person who is getting this book published is the subject of the book and it can clearly become difficult for others to write something from the point of view of someone else but that is what writers are there for. Here you need to be skilled enough to turn things into experiences and make the contemplations on bringing them to words. Autobiographies have always been a great way to make the considerations on telling your story to the world when you have achieved something big but that surely is difficult for a ghostwriter to make a person’s life the subject of the book.

2. Fiction

A fiction ghostwriter is thought to be most creative and imaginative amongst all of the categories of ghostwriting. Fiction ghostwriting is about an idea or story that is completely imaginative and the writers have to bring in the touch of amazingness to it with their writing skills.

3. Scripts and Screenplays

Here the writing is a kind of different. This is not about just writing but it is about getting the writing to be perfect for the story that has been given to you. It could be about dialogues, camera angles and telling the story through short lines being combined together. This kind of writing is usually done for video content and thus the demand for the same is much higher.

4. Books

Well, this is the kind of ghostwriting that is bigger and better. In this array of ghostwriting you usually are working on the entire book. It could be anything from fiction to non-fiction book and even to a biography or a novel. It could be anything but it has the freedom and thus it is one of the things that most of the ghostwriters do love. It is like getting the freehand chance to write and going with what you love. The book ghostwriting could, however, be a tiring job for some of the writers as it takes a lot of effort in writing, editing and making it a perfect piece.

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Well, the need for content in the world could not be kept aside. The written content is often used to make the contemplations on passing the information of a brand or theme to the world and articles or blog posts could then be the best way to do the same. The ghostwriters are required in this context however there is another important fact in which the brand or theme is defined and the writers have to choose his topic as well as the best writing can make the content to become amazing to make the conversions to be increased.

These are the five kinds of ghostwriting that you can choose if you have a love for writing.



If you’re anything like me you like a little bit of witchery and a good mystery. The problem? There are a lot of bad murder mystery writers out there. At least in the cozy mystery niche that I enjoy. The good thing? There are some blooming brilliant writers out there too! I’ve had the pleasure of discovering a few. In this article I’ve gathered my three favorites. I’m still waiting for someone who will write mysteries without the murders, I mean, do you actually have to kill someone off to write a good mystery? Or could you just be satisfied with thievery and possibly the odd kidnapping? Growing up with Nancy Drew, I consider it quite possible.

So without further ado: three great series that focus on mystery and witchcraft.

The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Magic Series by Helen Harper

This series is set in Oxford, England, and evolves around a very lazy witch who suddenly finds herself caught up in murder, mystery and mayhem. This is somewhat inconvenient as it means she has to get off the couch. At least if she wants to prevent whatever lunatic is at large from striking again. She also happens to get involved with a rather brilliant man, who is her polar opposite in many ways: fit, ambitious and rarely ever hanging out on the couch. Of course, he’s utterly irresistible.

What I love so much about this series is that it’s intelligently written and filled with humor. The humor part is particularly refreshing.

Juliet Blackwell’s Witchcraft Mysteries

This series evolves around a witch, Lily Ivory, who picks up on the vibrations of second-hand clothes. As such, it’s only natural that she sets up a vintage clothing store — Aunt Cora’s Closet.

Growing up in Texas, Lily was bullied for her “witchy ways” and ever since she was run out of town by the scared townsfolk she’s lived as a nomad. Settling in San Francisco she learns what it’s like to find home and stand up for who she truly is: a witch.

The books are filled with an array of characters that are as quirky as the city of San Francisco itself. For all its supernatural themes, the series is refreshingly down to earth. You actually believe these characters could exist and you could run into them on any given day in San Fran.

There are also elements of humor in the books, such as a familiar who’s a shapeshifting pet pig.

Heather Blake’s Magic Potions Mysteries

This series is fun. So much fun. Set in Hitching Post, Alabama, where people go to get hitched, these books' leading lady is Carly Bell Hartwell, who owns a shop selling potions. One day Carly finds a dead man in her shop and a certain sheriff has to come investigate. A certain sheriff who she has a past with.

Of course, Carly can’t leave the investigation entirely to the sheriff. Not when her reputation is on the line. So she decides to do a little bit of digging herself.

This series is a favorite of mine because of the Southern charm and quirky characters who infuse the books with humor. It’s what I call good entertainment.

In Closing

Often when looking for cozy mysteries I’ve found stories that are about as inspiring as you’d expect a poorly written romance novel to be. That’s to say: there are so many unbelievable scenarios (and I’m not talking about the witchcraft and magic) that it’s hard to actually sit back and enjoy what you’re reading. Therefore, whenever I come across a book that doesn’t just have great atmosphere, but also believable characters and an intelligent plot I get excited. The three authors mentioned in this article have all pulled that off, but in very different ways.

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