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Wedding and Engagement Ring Shopping Tips

It has long been tradition for the sparkling-eyed boyfriend to "surprise" his girlfriend with a wedding proposal

For a long time, it has been a tradition for the light-brown groom to "surprise" his girlfriend with a wedding proposal and an engagement ring. The whole scenario is actually romantic and what dreams and movies are made of, but if you are a girl who takes your fashion seriously, you may prefer to participate in the selection of your engagement and wedding rings to suit your taste. Why leave such a vital part of your style for a single boy to do? Think about what you want to wear these rings throughout your life! With this in mind, you might want to "buy in the window" together online when the relationship becomes serious to tell you exactly what you want.

The always classic solitaires are the most popular style of engagement rings, but too many couples today are a little too ordinary. The engagement ring symbolizes the special love you share with each other, so you might want to throw the tradition out of the window and get a ring that is unique, like a vintage design, an unusual diamond cut, a sapphire or emerald setting, or even a colored diamond ( The most common is yellow diamonds, while blue and pink are rare and have a much higher price). When engaged, couples will be looking for wedding bands. To start the search for the perfect wedding rings, consider all the possibilities of different stones, precious stones, designs and designs of small, different precious metals and most importantly everything you want to do to the world.

More than likely, when you think of an engagement ring, you imagine a lonely round, shining and radiant. These traditional fasteners have been around since the 1800s and are always the best sellers in virtually all jewelry stores across the country. These rings are used for all classic stone shapes, such as round cut, princess cut, emeralds, heart shaped and pear shaped. Most women start the process of buying wedding rings with the desire for something else, but they usually end with a traditional solitaire in an environment with a gold band. Although you decide to settle the traditional style, you can add some variations to the side stones. Usually these are diamonds, but you can also get colored gems like emeralds, rubies and sapphires. As the name suggests, the side stones are on both sides of the central stone and are usually much smaller and come in varied shapes, such as half-months, thin baguettes, shields and trapezes.

For another variation, the large central stones can also be accentuated with slightly smaller stones in the same way on both sides. These rings are known as rings of three stones. Traditionally these were given on anniversaries, but now they are very fashionable as engagement rings between traditional brides.

Even conventional jewelers continue to update their choices with fresh forms of precious stone designs based on classic styles. Midwest Jewellery, one of our most traditional jewelers, recently introduced Lucida cut, a square stent set available in a wide band of gold or platinum. Another example is the Asscher family, which has introduced a new twist in its distinctive style, an octagonal piece from 1902. This new version is called Royal Asscher and is lighter than the previous one.

A relic from the bride or groom's family could be a treasure for sharing life. What happens if you do not have a relic in your family? Antique rings like Georgian, Edwardian, Victorian or Deco can now easily be found online in places like this site. You can also find exquisite renderings of these styles here. Many women who want their engagement and wedding rings to look more like unique jewelry, slip these rings. The oldest pieces, which were the forerunners of the modern bright and emerald cut, have a more subtle brightness than the new ones, offering a delicate and romantic look. These cuts include the old mining, rosettes, shock absorbers and the original Asschers.

Death to a traditional ring? Do not worry! There are many modern designs that serve as engagement rings for couples with moderate or exotic aesthetics. A very popular modern design is a bezel ring in which a diamond is surrounded by metal rather than rising in a pin configuration. Another popular design is two-tone platinum and yellow gold rings with a diamond knife.

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