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Busy is an Egoic Agenda

If you’re like most people, you’re probably very BUSY. The requirements of daily living continue to mount and the time to do everything that needs doing is in short supply. You’ve got a laundry list of things that have to get done, and you feel a bit overwhelmed by the prospect of trying to complete it all. Likewise, just when you start making headway on your list, a whole slew of new things that need doing seems to materialize out of nowhere… You feel worn out, stretched too far, and a bit defeated (at best); and exhausted, beat-down and hopeless (at worst). Welcome to the egoic agenda we call BUSY.

Busy has become an entity in our world. It’s a palpable presence in our lives, and one we can all relate to. So much so, that when someone plays the busy card, we don’t question it… Why? Because we can relate to the feeling… We can relate to the presence of ‘Busy’ in our lives and can commiserate with others about its presence in theirs. Busy is also everyone’s favorite excuse. “I can’t make the time to see you because the new job’s a hassle and the kids have the flu…” “I’d really like to spend the day with my son, but I have a project deadline…” “I’d love to Skype with a couple of my friends, but I don’t have the time… I’m just too busy.”

Busy is your ego’s way of telling people what it wants them to believe about you. It tells people that you’re successful. It tells them that you have people who depend on you. It tells them that you have responsibilities and that you’re a serious person. It tells them that you’re busy because you’re important and in demand. Perhaps it tells them that you have poor time management skills, that you’re overwhelmed, suffering, or in need of some empathy. Either way, saying you’re busy sends a very clear message. The message it sends me is that you’re not consciously creating your life.

Busy people’s lives control them, and Conscious Creators control their lives. Conscious Creators are NEVER too busy. They are engaged in their lives. They too have responsibilities, success, people who depend on them, and so on, but they never use that as an excuse to not do something they would love to do. They CONSCIOUSLY create their lives. They are aware of their egoic agendas and don’t play into them. When we create our lives from a conscious perspective we see possibilities where others see obstacles. We CREATE the time to do the things that we would enjoy doing. When we create our lives consciously, we live lives that feel balanced and rich. Conscious Creators get that. They may feel challenged by their workload, their deadlines, their responsibilities, but they feel challenged in a healthy and dynamic way. Conscious Creators have faith in their creative abilities and as a result, they always make the time to do the things most people put off doing. They don’t just cram life into a few weeks of vacation time either. They create a life that allows them the time to enjoy the present. A truly Conscious Creator will NEVER use “I’m too busy” as an excuse because they know that ANY excuse is just permission to fail.

So, the next time you hear yourself saying “I’m SO busy” or “I just don’t have the time”, stop and ask yourself WHY that’s true. Chances are you’ll see that you’ve given your personal power away to a concept that primes you for failure. Your ego has given some external force the power to control your life. Once you see that clearly, you can begin the steps necessary to regain control of your busy life and start living the benefits of a life built by conscious design.

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You were born a powerful creator, and NOTHING has changed. You have always had the ability to create your life at will, to be loved, successful and happy. You have always had the ability to be free and to express your freedom in ways that enrich your life – and the lives of others. Such is the life of the conscious creator. Unfortunately, very few of you have managed to create your lives with conscious intent and experience the joy your creative ability affords you. Instead, you’ve allowed the wounds you’ve experienced (and the feelings associated with them) to run your show. You’ve allowed your thoughts and feelings, assumptions, judgments and fear to dominate your life and hijack your creative control. This unconscious surrender to your egoic agenda (or “hairy bullshit”, as I call it) has eroded your faith in yourself and has weakened your connection to Divinity, to Source, to the Creative Flow. It’s stripped away your awareness of your creative ability, and in doing so, it’s convinced you that life is something that happens to you, something controlled by external sources, something “fated”. Because you haven’t learned how to harness your creative ability, you’ve managed to miss out on much of the joy, fun, success, and love that life has to offer. In fact, there’s a good chance that your belief that external forces have control of your life, and your continued focus on your pain, worries, and fear, have not only cost you your connection to your creative ability, they have also manifested pain, suffering, illness, loneliness, and anger in your life.

In reality, you are creating ALL of the time. Your creative ability is nothing short of astounding. Every aspect of your life… I’ll repeat that… EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR LIFE is something you created. Every good thing you have in your life is something you’ve created. Every moment of connection, every achievement, every aspect of your success, was all a direct result of your creative ability (whether you employed it consciously or not). Likewise, every bad relationship, every failure you’ve ever experienced, your physical pain or illness, all came as a direct result of your creative ability (whether you employed it consciously or not). Many people question that statement, preferring instead to blame outside sources for their misfortune. I know that’s true: I used to be one of them!!! I believed that if it wasn’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all. I believed that my addiction to drugs and alcohol, my codependent relationships, my back issues and poor health, my poverty, my weight issues, my house burning down, all the times I was robbed or beaten, my trouble with the law (and all the other crap I was experiencing) were part of some cosmic joke that was being played upon me. I justified my anger, the chip on my shoulder, my lashing out at others, and my general self-neglect as by-products of my shitty life. In short… I played the victim, and I played it quite convincingly.

What turned it around for me, was the realization that the Law of Attraction actually DOES exist. The idea that our subconscious mind is a fertile garden, and that everything we plant in it (good or bad) grows; the idea that thoughts and feelings have the power to influence what we plant in that garden; and the idea that – without much effort at all – everything we plant in our subconscious will become our reality, helped me see my life in a different way. Unfortunately, I (like a lot of other people) used this information to create tons of doubt and fear in my life. I mean, if all that is true, then why can’t I just create a million dollars, or become the President of the United States? Or worse yet, if all that’s true, what’s to keep me from causing some catastrophe just because I imagined it? The answer (simple as it is) took me out of my fear and encouraged me to use my creative abilities consciously… The answer is EMOTION.

The reason we create so much shit in our lives is because we marinate in the emotions around that shit. We spend countless hours worrying about how things will play out. We run every possible worst-case scenario so that we can be prepared for what might come. We wring our hands and tell our friends about everything that’s NOT working in our lives. We tell ourselves stories about what we should be doing, why we don’t deserve to be happy, or why conventional wisdom is more trustworthy than the whisperings of our heart. We fill our subconscious with every negative emotion we can, and then we blame the Universe for our misery.

If you never hear another thing in your whole life, hear this:

Your emotions are the power source for your creations.

If you’re using fear to power your creations, you’re creating by-products of fear (pain, suffering, disconnection, illness etc.). If you’re using love to power your creations, you’re creating by-products of love (joy, well-being, connectedness, health etc.). Your emotions drive your creations, and that’s why most of us create so much useless crap for ourselves; because we don’t take the time to understand and guide our emotions. We don’t take the time to learn SELF MASTERY.

By cultivating self-mastery in our lives, we ensure that most (if not all) of the things we plant in our subconscious mind are things that serve us: thoughts of hope, gratitude, and faith. Thoughts of infinite possibilities. Thoughts of a world that thrives in harmony and balance. When we practice self-mastery, we use the Law of Attraction not only to create amazing things for ourselves, but for the people around us, and the world as a whole. We connect with our true nature and highest purpose, and we respect the power that comes with being the predominant creative force in our lives.

Through the practice of self-mastery, we learn to create our lives with conscious intent, and thus not only harness but optimize our creative ability. Self-mastery allows us to conquer our fear and create a life we can embrace and enjoy. In the absence of the thoughts and emotions that corrupt our creations, we are free to harness all of the energy we waste on those emotions – and put them to better use.

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