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What is Long Grain Unbroken Rice?

This article discusses the role organic long grain broken and the organic dried fruit industry as the corner stone of Pakistani agro economy. Furthermore, the measures being taken in the form of initiatives by the US department of health to ensure quality and health oriented yield production is also thoroughly discussed.

Conventional long grain rice are approximately three times longer than normal types of rice currently consumed which means they are the fluffiest when cooked in optimal conditions. Furthermore, because the organic long grain broken rice provide for a better value for money, their increased demand has meant that their supply is higher making them one of the cheapest if not the cheapest types of rice currently available in the market. Their nature can be attributed to the large amounts of amylose and minimal amounts of amylopectin which makes the rice grain blossom when cooked properly whilst enabling it to maintain its shape and not breaking.

Legislation based certification

In this pursuit of quality oriented and customer satisfaction based business, the first IFS, Fairtrade, and Sedex certified manufacturing plant in Pakistan was set up as per government standards and regulations to compete with the rest of the world. This manufacturing plant is the first of its kind to integrate ecofriendly operations and processes to decrease pollution drastically paving a way for a greener and sustainable future. This new regulations and safety standards also enable the manufacturers to provide the best variety of organic products such as the organic long grain broken rice at affordable prices without compromising on quality whatsoever.

External actors that effect the agro economy

Leading suppliers of organic rice, organic dried fruits and seeds established themselves as market leaders who revolutionized the industry by providing best quality products via state of the art marketing methods. To ensure that the product it introduces in the market is of the highest quality, the key leading industries work in conjunction with the government, farmers and growers and constantly gives them feedback of the changing market trends so they are not left behind and remain relevant in this continuous cycle of demand and supply.

Measures to increase quality and quantity

In this pursuit of quality oriented and customer satisfaction based business, AKC commodities is proud to have the first IFS, Fairtrade and Sedex certified manufacturing plant in Pakistan, quality of the company that is a testament to its forward thinking strategy. This manufacturing plant is the first of its kind to integrate ecofriendly operations and processes to decrease pollution drastically paving a way for a greener and sustainable future. This manufacturing plant also enables the company to provide the best variety of organic products such as rice and organic dried fruit at affordable prices without compromising on quality whatsoever.

Factors to help boost the economy

For the reasons that have been discussed, organic dried fruit producers can contribute to the economy in a more positive way, United States Department of Agriculture has pledged 1 million dollars in investment and attained the services of professionals of the field with significant experience in battling pests in agricultural products to make them more profitable for both the farmers and the consumers in a bid to make the quality and quantity of organic seeds more attainable.

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Jamaican cuisine is famous and popular all over the world. It features a wide variety of dishes. You can find it while searching for a restaurant in Frederick MD.

Some of the foods you should not miss in any authentic Jamaican restaurant are:

Jerk chicken

This is the most famous and popular dish in this sumptuous Jamaican spread in restaurants. Most Jamaican restaurants serve this authentic local dish with great texture and flavor. This juicy and succulent chicken dish featuring amazing taste is a must-have for epicureans. The distinct flavor is achieved by rubbing or marinating the meat with Jerk spices. After this, the chicken dish is cooked on a low flame such that the unique flavors of the spices emerge, and the meat becomes tender.

Other Chicken Dishes

Though chicken is considered lowly in comparison to other meats like beef and pork, in Jamaican cuisine, there is a mouthwatering variety of this meat cooked in several forms. Thus, apart from Jerk chicken, there are the following:

-Jamaican curry chicken

This recipe came to the Island when the English colonialists of the country brought Indian slaves to work in the sugar plantations of the Caribbean. Today, curry has become an integral part of Jamaican culture and cuisine. Hence, if you are in a Caribbean restaurant, you cannot miss the flavor-filled curry dish, which will be softer on your palate compared to the fiery Indian versions.

-Brown stew chicken

This is a favorite for those who pine for chicken with rich and thick gravy. The characteristic brown color of this dish is achieved by caramelizing the chicken for some time combined with brown sugar, which accentuates the flavor and makes the meat beautifully tender. Tons of aromas are infused in this dish by adding native spices, garlic, ginger, and onions.

Jerk salmon

Jerk chicken is synonymous with Jamaican food, but chicken is not the only item that tastes good in ‘jerked form.’ Seafood is a great kind of item to be jerked. Classic jerk spices of Jamaica bring an exciting and new taste to this dish made of salmon. Jerk seasoning of Jamaica mostly makes use of brown sugar to contribute sweet taste to balance the spicy zest which it provides.

Ox-tail with butter beans

This is a favorite meat recipe with Jamaicans. It was used to be considered as poor man’s food because of its high fat and bony content as well as long cooking time. But today, it is a much sought-after dish. Jamaicans love their ox-tail with butter beans. So, in most Jamaican restaurants, there will be some version of ox-tail to be paired with some fish - roasted, steamed, or fried. This is the best bet if you’re seeking something flavorsome and meaty.

Sides you would love to have-


It is a delicious and healthy dish, filled with minerals. It is prepared by steaming this leaf vegetable along with tomato, thyme, garlic, and onion. Callaloo is regarded equal to kale or spinach in Jamaican cooking.


These resemble sweet potatoes. These are fried thoroughly and smothered in pepper, salt, and butter. They are found commonly in menus of restaurants. These are a sweet accompaniment to spicy, savory dishes found in Jamaican cuisine.

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Jamaican patty

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To call Thai cuisine exotic would be an understatement. Canadian Food shows us that Thai people are among the braver ones out there, testing out everything with nearly everything else. However, it’s the bold that end up with the treasure and that’s exactly what’s happened here. Through their crazy experimentation with their dishes, Thailand has produced some wonderful food that you simply need to give a try:


1. Guay Teow (Noodle Soup)

This dish is not for the vegetarians among us, it is a fantastic combination of meat, noodles, and a broth. The meat is a choice between pork, chicken, and beef and you choose whether you want egg or rice noodles. If you’re lucky, you might even get some wontons or meatballs in the broth which adds tremendously to the taste.

2. Tom Yum Goong (Spicy Shrimp Soup)

I personally love a good soup, it’s a big part of Thai food for me. I’m not alone in this either, a lot of people who go out for Chinese or Canadian Food will often start with a soup then order a main entrée. This soup really packs a punch and does at all at the same time. This soup comes in two variants the first being with coconut cream for if you want a creamy soup and the second without. The soup keeps things properly Thai with the ingredients being lemongrass, chilli, fish sauce, galangal, kaffier lime leaves, shallots, and fresh lime juice. However, it should be noted that the spice here is high for your average spice lover. The faint of heart in this regard should steer clear of this one and go for something milder, like Tom Kha Gai.

3. Tom Kha Gai (Chicken in Coconut Soup)

This is another excellent Thai soup to tantalize your taste buds. This soup is an excellent combination of sweet and savory with its coconut milk. It’s generally the better choice with people who are not very fond of spicy dishes and want something abit milder yet enjoyable.

4. Pad Thai (Thai Style Fried Noodles)

Fried noodles are something you can trust to start your expedition into the world of any Asian cuisine, simply because there is very little in the way of going wrong with this rather simple dish and the taste of the culture can be brought in very easily. In the Thai style of cooking it, the dish is served with either chicken or shrimp but vegetarian options are available aswell.

5. Khao Pad (Fried Rice)

Not a fan of noodles? That’s not an issue. Though this dish isn’t one you have alone, it’s more of a side to main entrée, it still deserves a mention simply because of the how wonderful it tastes and how well it goes with nearly everything. This dish is extremely simple and comprises fried rice, onions, and some egg. Team this with some saucy entrée and you’ve got yourself one amazing meal.

I could go on about all the wonderful Canadian Food there is to explore but the list is massive. Furthermore, the best research is conducted with experimentation so you should go and try what the local Thai place has to offer.

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