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When You Break Your Leg while Pressure Washing House Yourself!

A dirty house from outside will automatically put a bad impact on the peoples who saw your home that's why it is necessary to wash your home from outside to improve the beauty of the home for this reason you need to hire professional pressure washing services.



 “I am telling you, Sara, that I can easily do it my self this weekend!” My obnoxious husband said exasperatedly! “Ok, fine! If that’s what you want. But be mindful, if you damage my house more in the process, you’ll be held responsible!” I yelled from the corridor!

I don’t know what has gotten into my husband’s brain. Our beautiful house was badly in need of pressure washing. The satin finish exterior paint had this thick layer of dust, grime, and dirt on it. The windows looked foggy, sidewalks were filled with filth and exterior looked muddy as if ghosts have been residing in the house.

Our house was badly in need of pressure washing that is why I immediately started searching for pressure washing services in Atlanta GA at affordable rates. I shortlisted many companies and before I could start contacting them for free quotes and estimates, my husband dropped bucket full of ice-cold water on my head by stating that he will pressure wash the house himself.

He said he will rent the pressure washing machine and do the needful on the weekend. Even after two days of constant bickering, arguing and fighting he didn’t budge from his stance. Finally, I succumbed to defeat by allowing him to do so only because he promised to get me a nice staycation in the resort nearby on our long weekend!

After watching several DIY pressures washing videos on one fine Saturday afternoon, he climbed on the tall ladder to the first start with the roof and then come to the patio and driveway. Wearing his newly ordered safety uniform, thick gloves and soft long boots he was all ready to perform stupendous pressure washing job. He wanted me to record him while pressure washing the house. I first took his picture and post it on his Instagram account with hashtag #allreadytopressurewashmyhouse. He wanted me to make his first boomerang video and as I was recording him, suddenly there was a sound of blood-chilling cry followed by a thud and a loud groaning. Flabbergasted I threw away his mobile and rushed to see what happened!

The sight that greeted me had me numb! My husband fell flat on his face on the ground followed by the power washing machine and the ladder. I still get chills when I remember how I rescued him. Next 8 weeks he had to stay in bed as he broke his leg and jaw.

After his nasty fall, I finally hired the expert services of the Best Pressure Washing Company near me and has my whole house power washed! The professionals did a stupendous job of cleaning my whole house within the given time frame.

As for my husband, he learned his lesson the hard way as he swore never to attempt pressure washing himself. Even if he will think of attempting it in the future, I will threaten him by posting the video of his great fall on his Instagram!

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