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Top Free Video Tools To Create Animations And Presentations

Best Online Video Animation Tools

Needless to go around: the video is currently the type of web content that has the greatest impact on users and is also intended in the coming years to master the business and business marketing strategies. The video is immediate and is more engaging than a simple static image or text, however well written. It affects the viewer's imagery in a direct way and stimulates his emotional reactions. In short, it is perfect for marketing at a certain level. Below you will find best video tools that can be very useful for creating contents and animations video for the web. Let's see them together one by one.

The best video tools for your audiovisual marketing

PowToon for its ease of use can be considered the PowerPoint of video tools. It allows you to quickly and easily create demos on a professional level using the "drag and drop" features.

With Biteable you have the possibility to create high-quality video animations. You can choose from a wide range of animated scenes, live action and photos or use a default template and customize it to your liking in a few minutes.

Animaker helps you generate fascinating videos with a great visual impact, ideal for high-level marketing campaigns. The infographics videos are the highlight of this excellent video tool.

Go Animate is the ideal tool to create animated characters taken from the real world by letting them talk and interact in real video stories.

Just drag items or upload your images to start animating your video in just a few clicks by customizing one of the many models available Video .

Animatron gives you the absolute freedom to customize everything you want. From basic shapes to characters, giving shape and color to every element of your story.

Videoscribe creates high-quality videos perfect for marketing, training and brand presentation. Simple and intuitive Videoscribe is a video tool that does not require any kind of technical skill to be used.

If you want to promote a product or a service, train your employees or motivate your team with animated videos with a big impact, My Simple Show is the right choice for you.

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Images and textual content has always been quite popular but now that is being slowly replaced by animated video content. At first, we saw the change occur through infographics but today is the era of animations as such content can be used across various online channels such as websites and social media platforms. However, the types and genres of animation are many so you have to first know the sort of message you want to convey. Once you know that better, selecting an animation type would become easier to pick. Whiteboard animations are becoming a popular form of animations and it is being widely used across several channels. The upsurge in whiteboard animation is also because whiteboard animation video services are becoming more and more common.

Here are the top 4 key benefits of using a whiteboard animation:

Cost Effective

The purpose of an animated video is not limited to displaying your brand or business offerings to your audience instead it is far greater than that. The prime use of animation is to build your brand identity and allow your audience to perceive your brand as a unique and distinctive entity. The animation creation process of a whiteboard animation is not time-consuming but most importantly, it is cost effective compared to the rest of the animation forms and genres.

Brands tend to invest in 3D animations and live action videos but it makes them exceed their budget and at times, the outcome is not what they desired. Whiteboard animations are a feasible investment and if you happen to have a tight budget then a whiteboard animation is great for building your brand prospects.

Less Production Time

It is often seen that brands build their marketing strategies and campaigns from scratch and it is a very time-consuming process. A simpler approach is to rely on animated video content. The notion of research and analysis is isolated when you use a whiteboard animation. If you happen to be creating a 3D animation then it is bound to take a lot of production time and it would become arduous if you desire to make further changes in the 3D animation but a whiteboard animation can be easily customizable and personalized.

An explainer video is somewhat similar to whiteboard animated videos but it still takes more time to animated an explainer video. Whether your concern is your budget or you are currently bounded by a strict deadline, you can easily overcome it with an engaging whiteboard animation.

Appealing and Convincing

The one thing that makes a whiteboard animation visually striking is its simplicity. Since it does not take much time to produce such videos, you can convey your message or story in a few panels and still manage to make it look visually appealing. The key is to capture the attention of the viewer and leave a lasting impression on your mind. Since a whiteboard animation is highly simplistic, it is easier to remember and recall. Static visuals such as images and photos are still popular across many websites and social media platforms but with an animation, you can reach out to a greater audience at once.

If you intend to use a whiteboard animation on your website as a promotional video then it is an incredible idea too. The concern of every online business is to lower its bounce rate and for that reason, they tend to invest in various other marketing techniques but the most feasible approach is to rely on a whiteboard animation as it has the tendency to keep the viewer intrigued and that in turn would increase your user retention rate.

Going Viral

Being compelled towards the realm of animation, the main objective of using animated content is to stay engaged with your audience. A whiteboard animation is certainly visually appealing and it possesses the power to drive your audience to share it across their social media channels or websites in general. A highly detailed and carefully curated whiteboard animation can also receive a mass appeal from influencers and that would provide you with free publicity. Every brand wishes to acquire the tendency to go viral and it is possible with a whiteboard animation.

The qualities of a viral video are that it needs to provoke and enliven emotion. If the viewer is deeply moved by your video then it increases the possibilities of virality. Another essential factor is that your message needs to be unique and not overused, as only then it will strike interesting to your audience. Lastly, before coming up with a video concept, you have to know your audience and analyze what they would find to be visually interesting.  

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