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Change the Look of Your Bedroom With Designer Bedding Sets

Your bedroom is the place where you spend maximum time in home. Apart from sleeping it is the place where you spend some quality time either with yourself or with your family.

A little change every now and then gives a refreshment to your mood. Think of it! Don't you get bored seeing the same interiors of your work place everyday? Sure you do. In your work place you don't have the option to change the decor but you can always change the look of your rest place which is your bedroom. Your bedroom is the place where you spend maximum time in home.

Apart from sleeping it is the place where you spend some quality time either with yourself or with your family. So the same decorations day after day might bore you. The best and easiest way to bring change in your bedroom is to get the designer bedding sets.

The designer bedding sets are the new trends in bedroom interiors. They are fashionable, luxurious and most importantly you can have them in your budget. A designer bedding set can make a lot of difference not only to your bedroom but also to your mood.

These bedding sets are available in different patterns crafted in attractive colors. You can choose from the wide range of these luxury bedding ensembles which will blend perfectly with the theme and background of your bedroom and at the same time alleviating up the entire surroundings.

Whether it is to suit the change of seasons or to alter your mood, the designer bedding sets are ever ready to set up the sensation and lift up your spirits. While choosing for seasons one must look out for suitable, vibrant colors that are specific of the season.

Summers indicate you to go for light and bright hence you can always lookout for some exquisite shades of white while during spring light shades of green and lilac would give a beautiful natural touch to your bedroom so that every time you enter your bedroom you can breathe in nature's freshness there too.

Apart from altering the look of your resting zone designer bedding sets have some other benefits too. One good thing is that these sets provide you with options of setting up your own bedding in your own unique style.

You can get beds and other accessories like bedding duvet cover sets, bedding comforters sets and bed sheets and assemble them in your own design or you can get all the accessories in one neat package of bed in a bag sets. Also these designer bedding sets are available in various sizes so you don't need to worry about its fitting.

So next time when you feel like changing the look of your bedroom don't set your mind on paints and brushes rather go on for the exclusive and amazing designer bedding sets and see your bedroom change its look in the most wondrous way.

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Teens are always online! And of course, we all spend a lot of time checking in, sending emojis and maintaining a snap streak - all, on the go!

Unfortunately, every blessing comes with a curse. Social media affects teens in ways more than you can imagine. Let's look at some of the ways it affects Gen Z.

The definition of perfect!

Haven't we all admired that perfectly filtered photos on Instagram of the girl with flawless skin, that guy with the abs and that lady who hits the gym every day and has a body to die for?

Social media has taught all of us to hide our flaws. And there crashed the self-confidence of the girl that has brown skin or has freckles. She no longer finds herself beautiful, or up to the social standards for her to post a picture of her bare skin. We all have our share of insecurities, some that we speak about and some that we prefer to keep to ourselves. But social media has led to one comparing their life, their relationships and their social status with what they see as someone else's perfect face and perfect relationships.

You'll have FOMO!

Canceled plans to stay home?

Hop on to your Instagram feed and there you go, you've officially experienced FOMO. Teens are the most exposed to having a fear of missing out- to fit into the social crowd, they've got to be at the most happening place, at all times. The desire to have the most liked picture and have more followers has caused anxiety among teens, further making them sad or depressed.

Where's the human connection?

We have been more connected than ever in the history of time. But gone are the days when teenagers went to a cafe to meet friends and discuss details about their life or even have secret coffee shop dates with boys.

Conversations now start on Tinder and gossip happens over FaceTime.

Sadly, teens have started to substitute virtual, social connections with real-life connections and they feel awkward when faced with maintaining a real connection.


Hiding behind a laptop screen is an individual who will take all the chances they can to criticize and humiliate another person. After all, what does it take? Just a few words. And access to the internet. Bullying has become a major part of social media, mainly inescapable, crushing the self-esteem of a teenager.

In spite of all these negative effects, let me show you the optimistic side of being on social media as a teen.

How Does Social Media Affect Teens  And Their Mental Health?

Social media and networking have definitely become an important part of teenager's day to day life. It helps teens in building social connections and learning important technical skills. But this is only one side of the coin. Various research reports have stated that social media and networking is affecting the mental health of teenagers significantly. It can captivate and pollute young minds easily.  

Teenage is an age of changes. With so many chemicals warring inside the adolescent body and a vulnerable developing mind, a teenager feels everything very strongly.  In this clueless age, it is difficult for them to regulate their screen time. The majority of teenagers spend most of their valuable time online. They love to explore, know new things and people, take risks and feel the thrill of adventure. Social media offers them everything right at their fingertips. This exposes them to all kinds of cybercrimes. 24 hours surfing and comparing their lives and personalities with others on this virtual platform makes them succumb to peer pressure, cyberbullying and sexting. Blinded by the thrill, they oversee the fact that activities involving digital communication are mostly treacherous. Mental health problems like depression, anxiety, sleep deprivation, envy, communication issues are a result of too much time online.

This makes social media a nightmare for the parents as even after knowing about the ill effects of social media it becomes almost impossible for them to keep a check on the online activities of their teens. 

Aware enough!

Gen Z is more aware than you think.

Characterized by ethical consumption habits, thanks to social media, they're always aware of what's happening around them.

Building a squad!

More inspired by Malala than Beyonce, teens are a part of social communities online and follow inspirational people and pages. Surrounded by like-minded people, they feel free to share thoughts, concerns or even ask for advice. Connecting with people across the world has never been easier.

Turn a passion into a business!

Gen Z is a talented bunch. From standup comedy, cyber hacking to shoe art, talented teens, with the help of social media, have become self-starters. Aranya Johar (an Indian poet and a feminist) and Advait Thakur (the kid that is employed with Google) have become an inspiration for teens to transform their passion and make money out of it. Building "Brand Me' starts young for them and evolves over time.

Since it's the end of the decade, it is now established that social media will remain irreplaceable in our lives for years to come.

In times that lay ahead, will people get hungry looking for a more authentic and new way to connect to the world online? I guess we'll know then. 

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