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How To Monitor Teens Digital Activities Through BlurSPY App?

Parents should educate teens regarding use of the internet. Kids should be trained and guided on how to spend their time online in a safe way.


Have you ever asked kids and teens what they do online or what things they spend the most time on when they are using their smartphones and the internet? Many will say they use social sites, while others remark they play games and many are those who do other stuff including watching videos, using it for academic purpose and other things.

You might be shocked to learn that executives and senior officers working at Facebook are not allowing their kids to use these social sites and any others. Reason? They know it is not safe and good at all. But the sad thing is many parents don’t realise how dangerous the use of the internet with smartphones can be for kids and teens. There is a dire need to raise awareness about these very issues. So we have created this guide to help out parents what their teens might be doing online and how they can deal with such things.

Social and Dating Sites

The use of social media has increased among kids. More than 60% of American kids and teens use Facebook. But after the data leak issue of these sites, they have moved to other social platforms like SnapChat. However, the use of social media is increasing day by day among kids and they spend most of their time on these sites. Parents keep a BLUR Eye on kid's and monitor their SnapChat and all other social platforms

The other thing that attracts teens and kids is the use of dating apps and sites. There are a good number of sites kids use for finding their partners, dates and matches. Even they meet people from such sites and date them in real. The parents of kids have no idea about it at all.

Playing Video Games

Video games are quite popular among kids and teens. Most of the teens and kids play games on their phones and tablets. Even many have phones just to play games and spend their time. The recent incidents of shooting in the US revealed the dark side of video games among kids. Teens who were involved in the shootings got inspirations from video games.

This is alarming and dangerous. Parents have to do something about him. Kids try to hide all such stuff from their parents in order to keep doing them. But they don’t know how they are risking their lives and doing harms to their health. The addition of video games is really dangerous.

Visiting Adult Content Sites

Have you ever asked a kid about what they do online and they told you about adult sites? I believe no teens and kids will share such things. They will have other things to tell you about when it comes to online activities. That is because they believe it is humiliating and makes them ashamed.

Despite knowing this, kids do spend some time on adult and porn sites when they have internet and a smartphone. This is something parents should be worried about as kids at a young age start watching adult content and ruin their lives. Porn sites can never be safe for teens. Moreover, teens develop a complex of low esteem when they see perfect images, body photos and other stuff.

Doing Good Things Online

We have talked about one side of internet use among teens. However, there are a good number of teens and kids who use the internet for productivity and good stuff. They use the internet while doing research, finding books, reading newspapers, eBooks and other things. This group of kids is safe regarding the use of the internet. Parents should not be worried about these teens as they are responsible and have a better sense of online risks.

Dealing with All This

Now comes the most important thing and that is how to deal with this. Parents should educate teens regarding the use of the internet. Kids should be trained and guided on how to spend their time online in a safe way. Parents can also use android spy software to monitor their kids, keep eyes on their online activities and know about their other stuff. 

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