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Plastic Surgery Of Stars: Photo Before And After

Undoubtedly, one of the professions that has been scaling up little by little until becoming almost indispensable in the world of clinical beauty is aesthetic surgery , thousands of people resort to these processes to improve, recover or simply modify their physical appearance. Regardless of whether or not we agree with having surgery, we have to recognize that those who undergo surgery of this nature usually obtain the desired results.

1. Angelina Jolie

Who knows , what would have been acting career of Angelina Jolie , not "job" to the beauty of your face. No doubt , Angie has always been an attractive girl , but the plasticity of the nose and the correction of the shape of the cheekbones put her on a pedestal. Thanks to the skillful surgeons!

2. Donatella Versace

Donatella Versace - one of the most famous victims of plastic. Let's be honest , Donatella turned her face into a mask , and her lips are getting bigger and bigger every year. All this magnificence head of the Fashion House " flavored" with orange tan. Excellent example , how not to. At Plastic Surgery People you will get to know more about plastic surgery for celebrities.

3. Megan Fox

Megan Fox is one of those beauties , who has made himself. Pretty appearance , which went to Megan from nature , was fairly correct plasticity - cheekbones , lips , nose shape. All this allowed the actress to create the appearance of his dreams. And the dreams of millions of men at the same time.

4. Mickey Rourke

But Mickey Rourke , on the contrary , turned from a handsome and even sexy man into a parody of himself. And sometimes on Chuck Norris. In short , the exterior Mickey is so often changed by plastic , which keep track of its transformation is not always easy.

5. Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham to her appearance has always been very critical , but the star’s biggest nose seemed to be the biggest problem for the star. But , fortunately , today such problems are easily solved: rhinoplasty , and there are no more complexes.

6. Demi Moore

Plastic surgery beauty Demi Moore affected , so to speak , "all areas" of her appearance. The nose did , the chin did , the lips did , and the chest too. True , nature can not be fooled: Demi's daughters got her "pre-plastic" facial features.

7. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is also not far behind , rhinoplasty and breast augmentation appear to be child's play compared to , Kim made his famous " fifth point". However , the plastic buttocks turned her from just a famous girl into a super-mega-popular star. And , interestingly , photographers shoot her ass, at least , than the face! Interestingly , Kim is flattered?

8. Nicole Kidman

Let the star slyly and denies plastic surgery , we see , how has changed the face of Nicole Kidman in recent years. The actress took a long time to live with facial expressions - and the thing is , of course , not in plastic , but in cosmetology - the star constantly makes Botox injections , which are also able to transform the appearance no worse than a scalpel.



1.-It changes the physical aspect of the person who receives it

2.-Through it it is possible to recover parts of the body that for some reason were mutilated (implants)

3.-It increases by much the self-esteem of the people

4.-Problems are solved with which a patient has lived for many years in a short period of time

5.-Benefits the mental health of the person

6.-Derived from the previous point, people eliminate complex

7.-There are a variety of techniques and procedures to achieve the estimated results.

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Maintenance & hygiene


After completing the medical process many physicians recommend using a brush with soft bristles. Using soft bristles is recommended in virtue of sensitive feel to the gums. Due to sensitive gums, it is wise to use creams that are specified for this problem. After checking these factors it’s ok to continue for routine brushing activity, flossing can also be done around the cap without any troubles. While flossing experts recommend being more careful not to loosen the cap while continuing your healthy steps. Using any kind of mouth washing liquids has to be avoided for a few days.

Foods to avoid

After a cap has been placed professionals will always recommend avoiding chewing gum or products which are viscous. Every time when chewing any sticky food may actually be pulled to a side that elicits slight discomfort. It may be usual for original teeth but it can pose an issue on an application like this; though it was actually glued to the tooth with a cement-like substance.


When comes to taking cold or hot foods it has to be completely avoided at the starting stage because the support has to adjust with the surroundings. For a few days after finishing the entire procedure, experts recommend avoiding foods which can affect the cap. This difficulty won’t come when having food at room temperature but when eating at a high temperature can cause pain. Consulting with your professional will help in selecting a diet for a few weeks till it gets settled. Any questions? contact our Hollywood General Dentist.

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Apart from medications or treatment, recovery is mainly based on the behavior or responding nature of a person. This responding nature completely relies only on the maturity of an individual. Age variations also an important factor to be considered before lending to a proper dentist. It is a traumatic nightmare for every child who is directed to visit a tooth doctor from childhood. Additional to this, old age people find difficulties to get an appointment and to get a consultation with an appropriate dentist due to age factor. Hence it is imperative to have a family-oriented orthodontist for overall oral health.



Topic denotes the general overall identifications of oral issues by themselves through suffocation of respective persons in a family. In a matter of fact, children may not able to identify their illness. Hence parents or guardians should be keen enough to make them point out kid’s suffocation. This preliminary step helps each member of a group to sit together and take a decision on a particular ortho doctor.

Prefer pro

On basic of demand in tooth doctor, or due to a good return of investment for dental professionals, vast orthodontists are established at several places which may not an expert in a particular scope. So, it is in the hands of people to pick a proficient one for desired outcomes. Examining on details about a skilled person can be done in many ways. It begins with researching on a bio of a particular doctor via the internet, journals. Added to this, it is better to go on seeking suggestions from other specialists in the same or different fields, etc.

Focus on Overheads

Every family has respective budget allocation according to their earnings, expenses, population with several other commitments. Hence budget allocation for medical allowances has a great deal concern in low cost dental care. Budgeting must be begun not only on treating the ailments but also an occasional checkup or general visits. In general visit, basic treatment procedures are performed such as teeth bleaching, cleaning, check up through scanning, etc also have a certain large amount of money that has a high concern.

Seek a patient-friendly environment

Special friendly environment mainly focused to grab the attention of kids to get rid of fear associated with checkup or consultation. A pleasant environment not only insists only on peaceful of infrastructure in the environment but also concerns on warmhearted behavior of orthodontist.

Smile with your family!

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